The Mighty B!: Badge Quests is another fanmade Nicktoon game based on the Mighty B TV series. It is available for the Wii and the DS.


Bessie is continuing her quest for the badges and her endeavors take her all over the city.


You move Bessie either left or right and jump when necessary. She can dish out karate chops when needed to dispose of obstacles. You guide our Honeybee to the end of a level where you then partake in a themed mini-game. If you complete the mini-game successfully, then you will get a badge. After that, you will then have to race back to the start of the level to make sure that Bessie doesn't miss the Bee Bus! Some levels will require you to be on roller skates in a fast-paced trek that requires good reflexes. In addition, some levels will let you play as other characters like Gwen and Penny.

The levels

  • The park
  • Downtown San Francisco
  • The carnival
  • The museum
  • The piers
  • Alcatraz

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