"The Landing"
The Bagel Show episode
Episode № Season 1
Episode 1
Air Date January 6, 2012
Written By IAmBagel
Directed By IAmBagel
Invader Rob II
Running Time 21 min.
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The Landing is the first episode of The Bagel Show. It aired on January 6, 2012 on Cartoon Network. The episode was viewed by 3 million people on it's premiere date, and received positive reviews from critics.


In the sealed dictatorship of New City, Oregon, an Xial known as Rob finds that a young extra-terrestrial has crash-landed into his backyard. After healing the alien, he learns that he knows nothing of his past or how he got to Earth, and his species is "unrecognizable" according to Rob. The alien simply wants to borrow a spaceship from Rob and search for his planet on his own, however, this is unattainable, as New City is sealed within a unbreakable barrier by its ruler, King Kingman, a fear-mongering dictator. Rob has decided that he has had enough of Kingman's reign and seeks to start a resistance group against him, and wants the alien to join alongside him, promising that he will help him find where he came from in return. The alien begrudgingly agrees and is then whisked away into a culture he cannot understand, fighting for something he has no passion for.








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International Airdates

Country Network Premiere date Title
United States Cartoon Network January 6, 2012 The Landing
Canada YTV January 6, 2012 The Landing
United Kingdom & Ireland Cartoon Network February 4, 2012 The Landing
Latin America Cartoon Network March 3, 2012 Nueva Extraterrestre en La Ciudad (New Alien in Town)
France, Switzerland, & Wallonia Cartoon Network April 14, 2012 L'atterrissage (The Landing)
Netherlands & Flanders Cartoon Network April 14, 2012 De Landing (The Landing)
Australia & New Zealand Cartoon Network July 14, 2012 The Landing
CIS Nickelodeon September 13, 2012 Бублик на Земле (Bagel on Earth)
Japan Cartoon Network October 27, 2012 地球上で (On Earth)
China Nickelodeon November 16, 2012 N/A
India Cartoon Network December 3, 2012 अवतरण (The Landing)
South Korea Cartoon Network December 14, 2012 지구에 (On Earth)
Middle East MBC 3 January 17, 2013 N/A
South Africa Nickelodeon February 8, 2013 The Landing


  • This episode takes place on January 6, 2012, which is the exact same date the episode premiered.

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