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The Incredible Time Traveling Ross The Panda is a movie that will come out July 15th 2016. it is based off of The adult cartoon The Adventures of Ross The Panda [1] it will be rated R


The title credits play. The film opens up with the gang cutting off ricks electricity. Rick is on the computer looking a porn. the computer cuts off, and Rick goes outside to check on his power box. He catches Ross and the gang. He goes inside to call the cops. Once again the gang turns Ricks power switch off. He goes outside and perry throws a beer bottle at him. He is now unconscious. He wakes up. He researches Ross on Facebook, and finds out about the rivals. He contacts them. The rivals get on their computer and start thinking of a plan to kill Ross for good. They get the message from Rick, they agree and later that day they meet at a coffee shop. At they coffee shop they suggest they travel in time and kill their ancestors. They go back to lab and start building their time machine.



DerpyPanda24 as Ross

Kristen Wilg as Tammy

Chris Rock as Victor

Seth McFarlene as Perry

Steve Carell as Bonkers

Jesse Eisenburg as Beaver Boy

Tom Kenny as Rick

Seth mcfarlene as Cookies

Brad Pitt as Milk

DerpyPanda24 as Jake

DerpyPanda as Sniznatch


  • The movie will be the first ever movie made by Random Ideas Productions
  • Due to Jack Black's Schedule, Seth McFarlene will voice Perry in the movie instead of him.

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