Airdate: October 1st, 2019
Writer(s): Superhappyyoshis
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The Hallocroc is the 5th episode of The Count Desertstone Show. In the episode, Skirri hatches and it's Halloween, and Count dresses up as a homework sheet. It is also a special, and a double-length episode.


Count: And... ta-da! -is in homework sheet costume-

Twotails: Uhh...

Count: Why? Homework is scary, just ask Skirri!

Twotails: Who? Oh, Skirri, our son who hatched yesterday?

The Greens: Yes yes yes, yes yes!

Twotails: I still don't know how The Greens got here!

Skirri: The world may never know...

Derek: -is knocking on door- LET ME IN!!!

Count: Oh, let me get it. -opens door-

Derek: Finally. I've been stuck out there for about two seconds. AND FLAT D:<

Count: Oh...

Derek: Umm... why are you a homework sheet with a big F on it?

Count: Halloween Costume. Also, homework sheets are scary, just ask Skirri!

Twotails: -is in dracula costume- Here is my costume! Bleh bleh bleh...

Count: How many times do I have to say this?! Dracula does NOT say bleh bleh bleh!

Derek: Oh, heres my costume! -takes a pilgrim hat out of bag and wears it- Why? I heard that pilgrims ate crocodiles and alligators!!!

Count: No, that's the native Americans. But only in emergencies, they usually ate fish and mammals.

Derek: MAN! Oh well, at least I have a costume.

Skirri: -is in a shark outfit- Am I the only crocodile here in a costume that actually makes sense?! I mean, homework isn't that scary, pilgrims are just plain not scary, Dracula is a myth, and the letter F is pretty scary, but doesn't make sense!

The Greens: -are all in octopus costumes- Oh oh no no, it's our pretator! Etator...

Skirri: Are you all suppose to be the Kraken?!

Spike: Well, I am. But they wanted to be regular octpi =_=

Twotails: Not smart. So, should we start the show? Because we have the invisible croc today.

Count: Sure.

-Title card says "an episode later"-

Random Crocodiles: Bye Count! -leave-

Count: Well, that was a nice episode.

Twotails: Yeah! Remember when that one guy in the crowd said that he uses text talk? L.O.L!!!

Count: It's not that funny. Plus the homework of doom got hot in the middle.

Twotails: I think we should go back to Ms. Crocworts' house, she just Tweeted she bought more candy!

Skirri: No no no, that's Count's teacher!

Derek: Really?! Lets go back!

The Greens: Race race race, you all there! There there there.

Twotails: Kk!

-The crocodiles run to the house while Count and Skirri walk there-

Ms. Crocworts: -is in Dora costume- and here you go! I wanted to be LT croc, but-

Count: What about that candy...

Ms. Crocworts: -gives candy- I never knew adults went Trick-or-Treating.

Twotails: I did it in honor of Skirri. But just for this year.

Skirri: Yeah.

Count: I'm a homework sheet. It's so scary!


Count: Why was adult school EVEN INVENTED!!!!

Twotails: Uhh...

Count: /)_O I give out too many secrets...

Twotails: Yeah. Wait- remember? We were in fourth grade together!

Count: Yeah! But I never relised you, remember that October?

-Flashback starts-

Ms. Lair: And you round the decimal, and-

Count: Ms. Lair?

Ms. Lair: GOOD GRACIOUS! You didn't raise your claw!

Count. Fine, Ms. "I love to treat 9 and 10 year olds like 5 and 4 year olds" -raises claw- Now and- OUCH! -gets slapped by tail-

Twotails: Oh, sorry! That was my other tail.

Ms. Lair: HOLY CROCODILE'S STAKE! Your subspended.

Twotails: Bu-

Ms. Lair: NO BUTS! Before you get transfered to that school for bullies like you, SIT IN THE CORNER FOR THE REST OF THE DAY AND REDO ALL THE TESTS I GAVE YOU THIS YEAR!

Twotails: But we've done so many tests!

Count: Yeah! About 5,000!

Ms. Lair: Such good math! We have done 5,000 tests!

Twotails: O_O

-Flashback ends-

Twotails: I escaped in 5th grade.

Count: Oh, and you moved, right?

Twotails: No. I homeschooled myself. And that proved tests are also scary!

Derek: Yeah, they are!

Skirri: Count, you should of dressed up as a fractions and rounding decimals test!

Count: Well, I don't want my costume to be too scary. And a math test is WAY too scary!

All crocodiles: Yeah.

Xcer: -walks to Count- Ah, Mr. Desertstone! I don't need a costume! I'm already scary! Well, here I come! -pounces on Count-

Count: OW! -snaps air-

Xcer: -texts to Twotails- LOL! You missed!

Twotails: -Is reading text- "Your mate will get killed" sounds scarier in person, not in a text bubble =_=

Xcer: -drags Twotails by the tail- Count is on the ground...


Xcer: Fine then.

Count: Hold my claw. Bleh bleh bleh! -grabs Twotails by the cape on her Dracula costume-

Xcer: Fine. I'll just go deliver poisonous candy with Genocor again. And of course, nobody will fall for it, again. -leaves-

Count: Glad thats over.

Twotails: Yeah.

Derek: Yeah... T...T...Twotails... <3

The Greens: Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh! Heart heart, heart!

Twotails: Ugh. The dim-whitted Derek.

Derek: >:T

Twotails: I was just kidding. Plus somebody sent me a letter in an invelope yesterday! I mean, who does that!?

-Strange silence-

Count: Pie. Cake. Hershy's chochlate.

Skirri: Where!

-the screen shows a resteraunt and then it zooms in to the inside, were Derek, Count, Twotails, and Skirri are eating as The Greens sing on the stage-

The Greens: We were small...

Twotails: This grilled fish fin is wonderful!

Derek: So is this deer tail!

Count: And I managed to try the turkey.

Skirri: Mom, WHY do I have to eat mushed-up meat when you all are eating big meat!

Twotails: Well, your teeth aren't that sharp yet. Plus, our food is bigger than you!

Xcer: And I am ready to eat some crocodile tail, freshly baked with a topping of eggshell!

Skirri: It's not my fault my eggshell is still on me!

Twotails: Grr... don't you even try!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Xcer: Oh, I will!

Count: -eats everybody's food and stuffs the rest of the meat into Skirri's mouth-

Skirri: But i'm full, father!

Count: -steps on table- Like she said... don't even try...

Derek: I should tape this is make a show called "How to Protect your Young from Adult Leopards!" -gets out camera and tapes-

Xcer: Why, certainly. And the leopard always wins! -steps on table-

Count: You big spotted pussy cat...

Xcer: You overgrown gecko...

Count: You long-nosed phony...

Xcer: You idiot...

Count: Should we stop calling eachother names and just make this episode end!!!

Xcer: NO. -pounces on Count-

Count: -bites fur off- YES.

Xcer: OW! My ear has no fur!!!! -growls-

Count: -Pushes Xcer off table- TIME FOR HOW TO TRAIN YOUR LEOPARD!!! -puts saddle on Xcer and sits on it-


Count: -rides Xcer out and jumps off- A MAN HAS TO DO WHAT A MAN HAS TO DO!

-the episode ends-

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