The Grease Burger is a restaurant in Bikini Bottom. Its about 30 miles Devin (Devin the direction not the place mind you) It isn't nearly as popular as the Krusty Krab, but it still has its customers. It is one of the oldest restaurants in Bikini Bottom.

What most of there burgers look like.

Foods served there

  • Burgers
  • Burgers (Grease Special!)
  • Fries!
  • Seafish Sandshakes
  • Just plain ol grease

People who run the grease burger

Currently the only employees at grease burger other then just normal fish is:

  • Gray Pea Shooter
  • KrazyKrisKrumbs

If you wish to join just ask in the comments (this really comes down to my personal choice).

Just ask. If answer is yes. Just add yo name.


Here are the songs on the Jukeboxz, but due to copyright regulations, all songs and authors are changed: Living in the S***y: Author Stevie Yonder Clamp Fire Song Song: Author Spongepop "Pitchie Poo Poo': Author P&NS "Break Pee" Author: The Responsables "Where is The Dove?" Author: Nightpoor  "What is Law? (Bagel, Duh)" Author: Haddasay "Viva Last Vega" Author: Elvis Beib's Knee Sonipoo the Animated Opening (Audio) "Ain't Clonebody Tot Time for Bat" Author: Teat Clown "Saint No Fountain High Ameth" Author: Begone Bumdeal

more may be added in the future! Just ask the staff of the restaurant!


  • You can use the raw grease they serve you to power your car.
  • You need to have facial hair to enter the Grease Burger (unless you have an adult with you).
  • Its considered the best dinner in all of the sea.
  • It is imfamous for breaking the 4th wall many times.
  • You are not allowed to carry green beans within 125 meters of the resterant.
  • If you don't pay your for you food they turn france into cheese.


There are a few requirements to work here such as:

  • Being able to breath underwater (For obvious reasons)
  • Being able to cook (Again for obvious reasons)
  • You must be a convicted criminal Unconvnvicted Criminal or a terrorist Be a TOTALLY normal person. It would be nice if you had mob connections though.

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