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Rated TV-PG - Contains material that parents may find unsuitable for younger children

This show, The God, is rated TV-PG, meaning it contains content that may be inappropriate for younger readers.

The God
Created by JoeHummi
Genre Dramedy
Voices of Wesley Dulac
Denis Durham
Maximo Martin
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 7
Runtime 11 minutes
Production company(s) Magnitude Television
Distributor MTV Networks
Original channel Nick@Nite
First aired September 1, 2009
Last aired October 13, 2009
Followed by The God Movie
The God was a dramedy animated series created by JoeHummi, it followed the story of a man named John who got killed in a car accident and was resurrected into a god. The series was cancelled due to low viewership. A movie based on the series was released on January 9, 2011.



A man named John (In The Beginning: Part 2, his full name is revealed to be Jonathan Canal) lives in the fictional city of Whiteholt, Kentucky. A beautiful Sunday was turned into a nightmare when he gets involved in a car wreck. At the hospital, he is pronounced dead. Just hours later, he came back as a magical god who has the power to do both good and bad!


Season 1

Image Titled Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
The Beginning: Part 1 JoeHummi JoeHummi September 1, 2009 1
In the town of Whiteholt, Kentucky, a man named John is involved in a car accident and is rushed to the hospital afterward, he is pronounced dead and later comes back as a god who has the power to do good and evil!
The Beginning: Part 2 JoeHummi JoeHummi September 8, 2009 2
John starts to become used to being a god. He later comes out to the public and finds his newest friends, Justin, a younger god and Christopher, a small lizard.
The Unlucky Day JoeHummi JoeHummi September 15, 2009 3
John has bad luck that seems to go on forever, and needs help from his friends and as well a few strangers to restore time and stop the seemingly looping day!
The Diner JoeHummi JoeHummi September 22, 2009 4
John and his friends create a diner, but when they are found to be copying another local diner's meals, they have to decide if they should pay the price and close down the diner, or ignore the controversy.
The Boring Movie JoeHummi JoeHummi September 29, 2009 5
When John is forced to watch an educational movie instead of his romantic film, John wants revenge and starts to become violent. Can his friends make him have a change of heart before he destroys the city?
The Disastrous Halloween JoeHummi JoeHummi October 6, 2009 6
Setting up for Halloween, John tries to make the scariest creatures on the block, but when he gathers help from the real creatures, he endangers himself and the entire world! Can he stop them in time for Halloween?
The Goodbye JoeHummi JoeHummi October 13, 2009 7
This is the series finale: Juliet, a woman from a another universe, convinces John to turn back to a human, but it's a hard decision; does John want to stay a god, or turn back to a human and say goodbye to his friends?


The God received generally mixed reviews from critics. It was praised for it's casting, but the overall storyline was considered "mediocre" at best. It holds a 6.0 on the Internet Movie Database, and a 6.5 on

Home video

The entire series was released on DVD by Paramount Home Entertainment on May 9, 2010. The DVD release features an audio commentary by JoeHummi and a select few other members of the crew.

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