"The Fast and the Buryious"
Episode: 1
Airdate: September 18, 2006
Writer(s): BaconMahBoi
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The Fast and the Buryious is the first episode in the first season of The Epic Adventures Beneath our Feet. It is the first episode overall.


Bugly, Snail and BeeBee bury a time capsule in Snail's garden.

The episode begins with a shot of the welcome sign of Ant World. The camera then pans throughout the city and stops at Snail's garden. Snail is unsuccessfully burying what appears to be a treasure chest, while his siblings are playing. Bugly and BeeBee then arrive to play with Snail, and Snail explains he is burying a time capsule. Bugly and BeeBee both offer to help. TBA


  • (We begin at the welcome sign of Ant World, then pan throughout the city, going past numerous buildings and houses, before stopping at Snail's house. We cut into the back garden of the house, where Snail is burying what seems to be a treasure chest of some sort without success, while his siblings are playing around. Bugly and BeeBee then walk into the garden.)
  • BeeBee: Oh, hey, Snail. Been lookin' for ya!
  • Bugly: What're you doing?
  • Snail: Just digging a TIME CAPSULE! I've put all my childhood memories in it so in 100 years, my great-grandchildren can open it and see what our life was like! But I can't quite get it in the ground... (Starts hitting it with his shovel)
  • Bugly: We could help with that!
  • BeeBee: Sure, no prob!
  • Snail: (Cut to the three in Snail's bedroom) Okay, we need a plan. (Brings out a large sheet of paper with the word "CANADA" scored out on it) Definitely no Canada.
  • Bugly: We could try America--
  • Snail: NO.
  • BeeBee: Wait a minute. Why Canada?
  • Snail: Haven't you learned anything from movies we shouldn't be watching? We'll just end up blaming them when the park down south blows up. Maybe we could just spend the day watching The Epic Adventures Beneath our Feet instead! (Words "IN-SHOW ADVERTISING" flash on screen)
  • BeeBee: But I like Canada!
  • Snail: Nobody. Likes. Canada. Not even Canadians!
  • Bugly: For the sake of diabetic food journals, can we just get on with it?
  • Snail: Probably. (stands in heroic position) (deep voice) Where's the montage music? (montage music plays as he shoots the Candian flag)
  • Bugly: Why me?
  • BeeBee: Let's get time capsuling- diggering- whatever.
  • Bugly: Burying-
  • BeeBee: Burying.
  • Snail: (still shooting the flag) Do we have to?
  • Bugly: You were the one that wanted to do it in the first place!
  • Snail: Oh, yeah! (whispering to BeeBee) What are we doing again?
  • TBA

Voice cast

  • BaconMahBoi as Bugly, Snail's Grandchild #2
  • Thomas Ridgewell as Snail, Narrator, Snail's Grandchild #1
  • Georgie Henley as BeeBee, Snail's Grandchild #3
  • Asa Butterfield as Snail's Siblings


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