This is the script of the TV special The Fanon Theory. It was written by Sr.Wario and is based off of a conversation users had on an article. The original conversation can be found here.


Web asks Wario about how the Fanon world works and intertwines with Earth.


(X-Files music plays and is stopped)

(Wario and Web walk on screen)

Wario: Stop. We're here today because of a question Web asked. Web?...


Wario: WEB! WAKE UP!

Web: Huh? Oh yeah. My question is, if Y-Guy and SSK take place partially on Earth, then did major historic things happen?

(Rob walks in shaking his head)

Rob: No no no, Fanon is a different world.

Wario: Stop my dear friends. You are both right...sorta.

(Wario puts on glasses and gets out a slideshow)

Web: Wa...

Wario: SHH! No questions.

Wario: The world of Fanon takes place in a different dimension that the one in real life.

Web: Wait, so it's Earth but not Earth?

Wario: Precisely.


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