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The Epic Adventures of Pizza 
Genre: Cartoon Fiction, Mild Dark Humor, Comedy 
Creator: Robilist(80%) and IAmBagel(20%) 
Director: Robilist 
Developer: IAmBagel 
Number of seasons:
Number of episodes: 228 
Executive producer: HomestarSB9 
Producer: MattBoo 
Asst. producer: Doug.scheer 
Production Company: Invader Productions, Y-Guy Studios 
Editor: Robilist, IAmBagel 
Runtime: 23 minutes (Without breaks) 
First aired: June 2, 2012
The Epic Adventures of Pizza is a nicktoon, which is about a pizza from the year 2778, when the world ends. Pizza then somehow gents sent to a universe that looks like the 1700s, so now Pizza must get learn to fit in in the new universe. The Series aired on June 2, 2012.


  • Pizza: The main protagonist of the show, who is currently stuck in the year 1750. He is a pizza.
  • Pickle: Pizza's Best friend in the 1750s. He is a pickle.
  • Butter Sauce: Pizza's main love interest that lives in the 1750s. She is butter sauce.
  • Timmy One-Shoe: A shoe that loves to hunt animals.
  • Chef Mef: The main antagonist, who always wants to cook pizza.
  • Cool Cat: A cat that helps the gang sometimes.

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