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"Who am I? I go by a lot of names. Some call me bitch, skank, devil-whore, demonic slut, a lot of things. I like to call myself 'Satan'. It's a pleasure to meet you. Welcome to your new home for all eternity. Get comfy."
The Entity

The Entity


Personal Information
Species Human (formerly)
Demon (currently)
Birth Date November 6, 1870
Age Ageless
Gender Female
Height 6'11
Other Information
Alias(es) Satan
The Devil
Love Interest(s) Oblivion
Residence Hell (Syndicate: High Society)
Created By IAmBagel
Latest Appearance Syndicate: High Society
English Melissa Hutchison
The Entity (formerly known as Claire Emberly) is a recurring villain in the Foundry, and has made a major appearance in Syndicate: High Society.



The Entity was born as a human named Claire Emberly on November 6, 1870, in Avalon, Elysian Isles.


Claire's childhood was not the greatest. She was born to a very poor family who barely had enough money to support themselves. The home she was raised in was poorly constructed and easily fell apart from time to time. As she began starting school, she was often ridiculed by other students for her family's poor income. She eventually got used to the bullying and saw nothing of it. TBA



Events of "Syndicate: High Society"

The Ultimate Entity makes an appearance as an antagonist in Syndicate: High Society, as the new ruler of Hell.



Powers and abilities




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