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The Ellie Show is a children,s Adventure animated Tv Show that aired on Nickelodeon. It later aired on NickToons Too.

Main Characters

  • Ellie Gras- A Ten year old Girl who was adopted by a pet store owner and an actress. She is the main Protagonist of the show and she thinks anything is possible.
  • Danni Gras- Ellie,s father who is a pet store owner. His Store is trying to become the least popular one in town.
  • Liza Gras- Ellie,s mom who is an actress. Sadly,her movies get little popularity,so she was almost fired once. She still gets a payment of 100 Bucks per 6 Months,though.
  • Leo Grumps- Ellie,s best friend who she treats like a brother. His mom died when he was a baby.
  • Mark Grumps- A Very Angry Mechanic who yells at his son a lot for no reason.
  • Scratch- Leo,s Pet Dog,a mixture of a Daschund and a Saint Bernard.
  • Denzhapp- A Friendly Alien who Leo and Ellie became friends with. However,No one seems to believe their stories.
  • Coach Simons- Ellie and Leo,s soccer AND Football coach. He goes on a mighty rampage if his team loses,so Ellie and Leo try VERY Careful to try not to miss the goal.
  • Dennis,Jeremy and Cyril- Three Bullies at school who like to steal Ellie and Leo,s Lunch money. They are all identical,except Dennis has a goatee and Jeremy doesn't wear a baseball cap and has tan hair instead of Blonde.


List of The Ellie Show Episodes

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