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The Edy Show 
Genre: Adventure
Creator: Shawn Pelio 
Writer: Hugh Duffy
Simon Racioppa
Richard Elliott
Nicole Demerse
Ben Joseph
Franklin Young 
Director: Josh Mepham 
Developer: Shawn Pelio 
Starring: TBA 
Voices: TBA 
Theme composer: Kevin McLeod 
Number of seasons: TBA 
Number of episodes: TBA 
List of episodes: TBA 
Asst. producer: Unknown 
Production Company: Studio B Productions 
Runtime: 23 minutes (excluding commercials) 
Original Channel: Teletoon 
First aired: 2005 
Last aired: TBA

The Edy Show is a show produced by Studio B Productions, Snowden Fine Productions, Bejuda Entertainment.


McBeth family

  • Edy McBeth
  • Clarie McBeth
  • Melvin McBeth
  • Arnold McBeth
  • Edna McBeth


  • Ethan is a platypus


  • Canada: Teletoon/Télétoon
  • United States: Cartoon Network
  • United Kingdom: Pop, Pop Girl
  • Ireland: RTÉ Two
  • Latin America: Boomerang
  • France: France 3
  • Germany: Super RTL
  • Spain: Clan TVE
  • Italy: Rai Gulp
  • Portugal: RTP 2, Panda Biggs
  • Poland: ZigZap
  • The Netherlands: Nickelodeon
  • Russia: 2x2
  • Israel: Arutz HaYeladim
  • Australia: ABC1, ABC3
  • New Zealand: TV2
  • Sweden: Nickelodeon

Video game

Sega and Sarbakan announced the game based on the show called The Edy Game for the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS since 2007.


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