The Doggie Dan show is a cartoon about a dog in a dog costume. He lives in a town named Zooland, where people wear animal costumes.


Doggie Dan, a man in a dog costume. He is not very bright and is quite goofy and childish, but he is still good- natured.

Bunny Bill, a man in a bunny costume. He is a bad tempered and greedy guy who always acts bossy. Dan never feels abused by him.

Kitty Carl, a man in a cat costume. He likes to talk alot and many citizens in Zooland consider him to be annoying.

Poodle Polly, a woman in a poodle costume. She is Dan's girlfriend. She enjoys horror movies and fashion, and is sweet, beautiful, and fun- loving.

Bunny Barbara, a woman in a bunny costume. She is Bill's girlfriend. Even though she is often annoyed by Bill's flaws, she still loves him.

Lion Larry, a guy in a lion costume who is the mayor of Zooland. Like Dan, he tends to act childish at times.


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