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The Cosmo and Wanda Show is a show that tells about Cosmo and Wanda and their life up until Timmy comes along. When Timmy comes the show ends, but it would probably be about 5 seasons.


The Cosmo and Wanda Show: The Early Years (Season 1)

# Title Airdate Overview Code
1 Getting Married Part 1 September 12, 2004 Cosmo and Wanda meet and they fall in love immediately. 101
2 Getting Married Part 2 September 12, 2004 The Wedding is about to be held and Mama Cosma sent Cosmo out to get milk. 102
3 Fairlyweds September 28, 2004 Wanda's friends Alicia and Kira come and meet Cosmo to see that he is really rude to Wanda sometimes. 103
4 Cosmo of Knowledge September 29, 2004 Jorgen comes and says that Cosmo is going to be part of an experiment to see if they can put artificial intelligence in him. 104
5 Girls in Trees September 30, 2004 Blonda is getting her first acting job on a TV show called Fairy Punk'd and the host is Jackston Butcher and she is one of the victims. 105
6 Look Who's Stalking Now October 1, 2004 Juandissimo is off on a journey after his date with his girlfriend didn't go that well and he sees Cosmo talking to his ex and starts following Cosmo to see if he is cheating on Wanda. In actuality, Wanda told him to talk to the girl to get information from Jorgen.  106
7 Lost in Translation October 1, 2004 Wanda finds a Russian fairy and he says something to her about Cosmo and she is determined to find out more about that. 107

More episodes coming soon.

The Cosmo and Wanda Show: First Godchildren (Season 2)


The Cosmo and Wanda Show: Crocker's World (Season 3)


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