The Car-Boy Files
Issue 1 cover
Publisher BaconBooks
Schedule Bifortnightly
Format Graphic novel
Genre Action-adventure, comedy
Number of issues 7 (as of now)
Writer(s) BaconMahBoi
Creator(s) BaconMahBoi
The Car-Boy Files is a bifortnightly graphic novel published by BaconBooks. The first issue was released on June 4, 2015. New issues are released on the first Thursday of every month. The comic is rated 8+. Every 4 issues follow 1 storyline, before moving on to the next in the next issue. Each issue is set in 2080, like the series.

The Galactic Wars

Chris is held prisoner to a group of intergalactic Skeer aliens trying to smuggle him across the galaxy to power their new invention that could suck the entire solar system inside. But another group of aliens, Blooch aliens, comes to try and stop them, resulting in the first Galactic War.

Issue 1

Two farmers are working in a field. A signal from their supercomputers shows that an earthquake is right ahead, but neither can see anything anywhere. A huge worm-like creature bursts out of the carrot field. The two farmers attempt to escape, but are eaten by the creature.
We then cut to deep space, where the head Skeer alien is on board a ship, explaining his newest plan to his henchman. The henchman disagrees with what he says, thinking he has gone crazy, and states it will never work. The head states it is, and he unveils a nearby curtain, revealing Chris being tortured by robotic arms pulling and taunting him. The two laugh hysterically.
On Earth, Max is seen looking throughout the house for Chris. He then heads to the Locator room, only to see him being tortured by the arms. Max tries to check his coordinates, but due to him being out of the solar system, the coordinate system fails and the full room's computers all shut down. They all begin restarting, but all have the face of the head Skeer alien, warning Max to not come and save Chris or he will be tortured too. Max then disguises himself as an alien, and flies out of the solar system, only to spot the familiar place Chris was being held hostage.
We cut back on the ship, where Chris demands to let him free and an explanation to all this. The henchman Skeer alien then turns up a dial next to Chris, causing the robotic arms to torture him more, and it ends up tearing off his robotic arm. Chris begins to glitch, before he turns off, and the aliens laugh manically. Max in his alien disguise then bursts through the door, and states "it's not over".
At the farm where the two farmers were recently eaten, the creature then retreats back down to ground. The creature crawls to a teleporter, and it jumps through, and appears on the ship. It then brings out a large tentacle with a watch on it. He presses a button on the watch and morphs into the form of the Skeer aliens on board.
Somewhere else in space, on another ship, other aliens, Blooch aliens, are watching this via their invisible security cameras. One states their "old enemies are back for more". 
We cut to that ship's control room, where a video clip of one of the Blooch aliens telling the head control Blooch alien about what they saw is shown. The head control alien puts the gear stick into "OVERDRIVE", and the ship lets out a mighty boost and heads toward the ship where Chris is being held hostage. The next page simply says "TO BE CONTINUED", ending the first issue.

 Issue 2

There is a small section of recap on last issue. We cut to Max on board the ship, disguised as an alien. He gives a quick wink to Chris. He is given the task of guarding Chris while the others go to check the security monitors.
In the security room, one Skeer alien looks shocked as the others walk in. The shocked Skeer alien points to a monitor showing the Blooch aliens in their ship, The Blooch, heading toward them at full speed. We then see Max and an escaped Chris (holding on to his robotic arm) tip toe by quickly. The two have just reached the exit for the ship, but the door is kicked down by the Blooch aliens. They think Max is one of the enemies, so one Blooch alien takes him and uses their booster to fly back on board The Blooch. Chris tries to escape to get Max back, but is held back by the Blooch aliens and ends up rolling into the security room. All of the Skeer aliens in there immediately spot Chris, and he is thrown into the prison room.

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