The Brand New Super Brawl is a fighting game for Wii U, PS Vita, Xbox 360, and 3DS. This is what happend after the previous brawls.


After the Jingle Brawl, the Super Brawl, the Summer Brawl, the Fall Brawl, and the Super Brawl II, many fights have ended and the pervious 22 characters have died. Now, the announcer is looking for 22 new fighters up for the challenge to stop the villains and save there worlds.

Playable Characters

The roster features fanon characters, nick characters, cn characters, disney characters, and other characters.

  1. Y-Guy
  2. Pac Man 64
  3. Mattboo
  4. Korra
  5. Yoyo
  6. Ninja
  7. Gannon "Doug" Scheer
  8. Mabel Pines
  9. U.B.
  10. Wreck It Ralph
  11. Hearty
  12. Joe
  13. Yoshi
  14. Rabbid
  15. Dipper Pines
  16. Spyro
  17. Hoops
  18. Private
  19. Dr. Octagonapus
  20. Mango
  21. Super Mode Y-Guy
  22. King of Hyrule



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