Fred is an average boy with a not so average family.For his sister,mora,is her girlfriend,his brother,Dr.claw,is a cyborg,his dads a genius inventor and his pet dog,buster,can talk.It gets even werieder in the family business.They have to protect the world from Ghoul Guy,Prof. Coakroach and MeatelHead 3000.Want more?Than look at there school.His friends Junior(school play thing),Muffin(school brainiac),Roger(English pilot) and Homie(most popular kid) are super supportive.But his eniemies Jany(class princess),Mange(an emo),Buford(school bully) and Skip(hall monitor) are the exact oppisite.Watch Out Fred!


  • Don' even a muscle.Bingos will be back.
  • Not the game.Bingos are next.
  • Fred:nick,nick,nick,nick,nick,nick nick nick.
  • Inventor:nick,nick,nick,nick,nick,nick nick nick.
  • Dr.claw:(off key)nick nick nick...
  • Mora:Please.don't.
  • everyone;NICK-A-LOAD-E-ON!
  • Buster:ON!what i miss?


  • Game Off-Fred comes addictid to a new video game.Dr.claw says the only way to bring him back is to out score him.
  • Fora and Med-Fred and Mora switch Brains.
  • FredBob BingPants-In a half an hour special crossover,Inventors new invention transports the family to bikini bottem.

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