The Beast
Personal Information
Species Robot
Height 80'11
Weight 20000 lb.
Relatives Professor Carrotstein (creator)
Other Information
Enemies Y-Guy
Cool Dude
Residence Crazville, U.W.
Weapons Various weaponry
Alignment Evil
Debut Y-Guy: The Movie
Created By IAmBagel
Signature Appearance Y-Guy: The Movie
Latest Appearance Y-Guy: Back in Time
The Beast is a robot built by Professor Carrotstein in Y-Guy: The Movie.


Early Plans

Shortly after Carrotstein became evil, he had plans for a giant robot to destroy the world. One day, he built a robotic replica of himself titled "The Carrot Bot", which becames his inspiration for The Beast. He built the blueprints for The Beast, but lost the blueprints while moving to Crazville.

The Events of "Y-Guy: The Movie"

Shortly after Carrotstein quit being evil, he remembered the plans for the Beast. TBA

The Events of Y-Guy: Back in Time

The Beast makes another appearence in the third Y-Guy movie. While in the future, Carrotstein and Carrotstein's Ancestor discover the lair of Future Carrotstein, who has appeartently taken over the world. While exploring, they find an upgraded version of The Beast. The Beast is later seen again in the film during the huge battle near the end of the film.

After "Y-Guy: The Movie" and "Y-Guy: Back in Time"

He appears as a cameo in Carrots! The Movie, where Professor Carrotstein is looking at all of his inventions to put in his documentary. In Y-Guy, This Isn't Your Life., when Y-Guy is out of town, Carrotstein and RACK decide to attack Crazville with ALL of their inventions, and The Beast appears, with Carrotstein inside of it. The Beast is later destroied by Y-Guy and the gang.

He is then rebuilt as "The Beast 2.0" in the series finale of Y-Guy Reborn! And, of course, he is defeated by Y-Guy and the gang

He is only mentioned and seen in a flashback Y-Guy Super Mode! at the very last episode, contribing all of Y-Guy's life, never to been seen in the series again.

Powers and abilities

Power Grid
Official Ratings
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills

Alternate Versions

The Mini-Beast

The Mini-Beast is a smaller and less powerful version of The Beast. It has all of the same attacks and abilties as The Beast, but it is smaller in size. It has so far only appeared in Nickelodeon Fanon: Corrupted World and Nickelodeon Fanonverse Online.

The Beast 2.0

The Beast 2.0 only makes an appearence in Y-Guy Reborn!. The Beast's abilties and attacks are upgraded, and The Beast 2.0 is slightly larger than the original.

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