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The Bagel Show: Rise of Kreon
Film information

Directed by


Produced by


Written by

Invader Rob II

Release Date(s)

March 25, 2017

Running time

100 minutes



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   The Bagel Show: Rise of Kreon is a 2017 television film based on the Cartoon Network original series The Bagel Show. The film follows the titular characters of the television series becoming unwillingly involved with a dangerous organization known as Order, who not only have previous ties with King Kingman, but also appear to be directly involved with the fate of Bagel's home planet. The film marks the end of Bagel's long-running character arc specifying his past and who he is as an individual. It premiered on Cartoon Network on March 25, 2017, and was one of the most-viewed programs during the night of its premiere.





Release and reception

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