The Amity Park Cases is an animated sci-fi horror show created by Fanon Fun! Entertainment that airs on Nicktoons and The Best! Cartoons. The series takes place in an alternate universe with twists on classic Nicktoons. The show revolves around Jack and Maddie Fenton trying to protect Amity Park and destroy the ghosts terrorizing Amity Park after their son is killed by a ghost.


  • Jack Fenton: Once clumsy and fat, Danny's death has shaped him up into a buff protective man. He has problems with alchohol, but loves his family. He is short-tempered and strong, but not very wise.
  • Maddie Fenton: Upon losing Danny, Maddie has lost some of her physique. She is the brains of the duo and skilled in hacking. Her marriage with Jack after Danny's death has struggled and the two have slightly drifted apart, but she loves Jack and will protect him.
  • Technus: Now on the loose, Technus killed Danny Phantom. Jack and Maddie despise him and have hunted him for years.
  • Sam: After Danny died, Sam has taken up a mantle to avenge her boyfriend becoming the mysterious gun toting vigilante, Amity.
  • Tucker: Tucker has become close to Sam, as she is the only reminder of Danny. He now works as the Informer, Amity's sidekick and supplies her with knowledge and technology.
  • Jazz: Jasmine has become a "mean girl" cheerleader who has drifted away from her parents after Danny's death.
  • Glob: A new original ghost. Glob is a fat idiotic ghost, however, he is very powerful and spits acidic goo. He wishes to drown Amity Park.
  • Freakshow: A ringleader who kidnaps ghosts to harness their power. He is the main rival of Amity and the Informer.
  • Vlad Masters: A billionaire who has been driven inasne by Danny's death.


Season 1

  • Pilot: One year after Danny's death, a new ghost named Glob appears and terrorizes Amity Park. Jack and Maddie Fenton must try to save Amity Park before the city is drowned.
  • Freaks: Freakshow returns to Amity Park, intent on stealing more ghosts here to increase his power. However, Jack and Maddie find that Freakshow is being combated by two new heroes, Amity and the Informer.
  • Everlasting Love: Vlad Masters returns to Amity Park after hearing of Danny's death, and seeks to kill Jack who he blames. He kidnaps Maddie and puts her in his mansion. Now, Jack must enter the Mansion to rescue his wife, but will face challenges.
  • Something Wicked Comes This Way: Part 1 of the Ghost War arc. Various murders and disappearances take place in Amity Park, and Jack and Maddie must investigate this and see who is behind it.





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