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The Adventures of the N-Men!
The show's original logo
Format Action/Comedy
Created by ACL
Writer(s) Jim Hope
Allen J. Zipper
Sean Presant
Director(s) Todd Grimes
T.J. Sullivan
Mike Gasaway
Edited by Steven Banks
No. of episodes 56
Run time 22 Minutes
Rated TV-G
Network J Qube
Starring Debi Derryberry
Rob Paulsen
Carolyn Lawrence
Jeffery Garcia
Crystal Scales
Tim Curry
Wendie Malick
First aired October 2, 2012
Last aired Unknown

The Adventures of the N-Men! is a program created for J Qube and is a spinoff from the popular Jimmy Neutron series. The series is heavily based upon the episode The N-Men.



The N-Men are a group of 5 kids who gained superpowers after a supernatural meteor hit near them. They each have unique costumes and abilities.

  • The Brick (Jimmy Neutron/Debi Derryberry) - Jimmy "The Brick" Neutron is the brains and brawn of the group. When he gets mad, The Brick turns into a giant, unstoppable creature.
  • Arm Wrestler (Cindy Vortex/Carolyn Lawrence) - Cindy "Arm Wrestler" Vortex is Jimmy's rival in brains and brawn. Cindy has super strength and can fly.
  • Belch Boy (Carl Wheezer/Rob Paulsen) - Carl "Belch Boy" Wheezer is a young nerd who has super belch power. Carl is not very fast, but is very powerful in the fact that he has a massive burp power.
  • The Spazz (Sheen Estevez/Jeffery Garcia) - Sheen "The Spazz" Estevez is a spunky, Ultra-Lord-loving kid who has super speed. Sheen is able to run to Japan and back in 3 seconds, and always expects everyone to be right behind him.
  • InvisiGal (Libby Folfax/Crystal Scales) - Libby "InvisiGirl" Folfax is Sheen's girlfriend with a sense of style. Libby is able to turn invisible at any time, allowing her to sneak up on foes.



  • Ultra-Lord (Jim Cummings) - Ultra-Lord is a fictional superhero that has his own television series. Sheen is Ultra-Lord's biggest fan, and owns every single action figure made. He mainly appears in Sheen's dreams.


Season 1

Season 2


  • Despite taking place before the events of Planet Sheen, various things are mentioned, including Jimmy (The Brick) mentioning the planet Zeenu, Dorkus appearing on some billboards and Mr. Nesmuth appears on TV at times.
  • Despite the series taking place after the episode Beach Party Mummy, Libby occasionally has her appearance from Season 1 of Jimmy Neutron.

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