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Gray's Review

Please note due to the delicate nature the author of the show and the administrators of this wiki this review may be altered by either party weather I give consent or not. Please look back in the history button if this review is changed to be biased toward one or the other, or outright deleted. I have faith that both parties will not alter my review, but if that happens just refer to my earlier statement and look at it in its original form. 

This is what I can gather from just reading the shows page. I can't comment on the author's behavior towards staff, but this is irreverent anyway. This is a review of his work and not intended to be commenting on the author himself.

Where do I begin? 

I'm not going to sugar coat it, this show has lots of flaws. Many of them are very distracting and make reading this show difficult. Firstly the article is written in shifting view points. Using "you know X is an Y" which is not how an episode's description is usually written. The shift from third to second person is confusing. 

Unprofessional writing. While I am not a writer myself I know a decent amount about writing. The spelling is atrocious, the document hasn't been spell checked at all. The strange capitulation of letters and words. I am guilty of this myself but not to this extant. 

Example: Jackal Is An Genuis and decids to make pasta (BUT jackal is stuipid!)

These flaws are very distracting. Another thing I noticed was the walls of text. These are hard, boring, and tedious things to read. Adding spaces between the walls of text would make them more digestible and just in general make them easier on the eyes.

Thats what I have to say about The Adventures of Jackal and Cool Dude I don't really like giving number reviews but I listed it below if you do like that sort of thing.

I give this show a 4/10

  • Messy presentation
  • Sloppy work
  • Difficult to read

tl;dr Employee was fired for: Yelling, General Unprofessionalism, Oder

Hat's Review

............I'm not being a sucks


Bacon's review

Don't take a tantrum but I agree with hat alot


I went to my parent's house last week and had cornflakes for breakfast

BaconMahBranflakes (talk to this loser)

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