Nicktoon series description

The Adventures of Freezer-Dude and the Action Hero Squad is a new upcoming Nicktoon that should be airing on Nickelodeon on June 10, 2014.

Plot Summary

Trevor Jefferson/Freezer-Dude, Kayla Johansson/Rose Melt, Carlos Jacobson/Flame Lad, Howard Sanders/Water Boy and Becky Houston/Storm Flasher, team up to save the city of Metropolis from the forces of the evil super villain, Serpent Woman and her 3 vile henchman, Diablo, Nighto and Slasher, and will defeat them 1 by 1 and protect the universe.

List of Episodes

Voice cast members

The Adventures of Freezer-Dude and the Action Hero Squad 
The Adventures of Freezer-Dude and the Action Hero Squad screen title

Screen title for 'The Adventures of Freezer-Dude and the Action Hero Squad'

Genre: Action




Creator: Daniel Van Ness (2014) 
Director: Jeff McGrath 
Developer: Tim Hill 
Starring: Trevor Jefferson/Freezer-Dude

Leonard Jefferson, Trevor's dad

Nancy Jefferson Trevor's mom,

Albert Jefferson, Trevor's brother

Kayla Johansson/Rose Melt

Carlos Jacobson/Flame Lad

Tiffany Johnson/Sparkle Gal

Howard Sanders/Water Boy

Becky Houston/Storm Flasher

Serpent Woman




Voices: Drake Bell

Kevin Spacey

Bonnie Hunt

Preston Bailey

Selena Gomez

Andrew Garfield

Dakota Fanning

Arlen Escarpeta

Miranda Cosgrove

Queen Latifah

Jim Parsons

Devon Bostick

Ned Beatty

Jerry Trainor 

Narrator: Jerry Trainor 
Theme composer: Ron Jones 
Opening theme: Kryptonite performed by 3 Doors Down 
End theme: Unwell performed by Matchbox 20 
Number of seasons:
Number of episodes: 100 
List of episodes: Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

Season 6 

Executive producer: Scott Fellows

Fred Seibert 

Producer: John A. Davis

Paul Marshal 

Asst. producer: Keith Alcorn 
Production Company: Frederator Studios 
Editor: John Wahba 
Location: Metropolis 
First aired: June 14, 2013 
Preceded by: Robot and Monster (2012) 
Followed by: Catdog, the All New Series 
Related: the Justice Team 
Offical website:

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