Teenage Human Coolness (often abbreviated to THC) is an animated TV series by Maximus Loo2012. It's name is based off Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.



  • Tom Cruise as Jason Rick
    Jason accidentally becomes Nick's arch nemesis when he grabs Nick's Power Orb (disguised as a basketball), thinking it was a ball. He gets 1/4 of Nick's power, but his creative genius gives him an edge over Nick.
  • Tom Cruise as Jim Watson
    Jim is a teen who aspires to be a detective. he helps Jason to discover Nick's plan (which doesn't exist)


  • Tracy W. Bush as Nick

Nick appears on Jason's earth hoping to play the sport basketball (using a powerful orb of power) and accidentally throws it to Jason. Jason and Jim attempt to defeat him (as Jason now as a telepathic connection to him) but fail. Nick later allies with them in the last episode and he travels to another dimension and takes his power back.

Episode Number Episode Name Episode Summary Writer
1 It All Started With A Basketball While playing basketball at a court, Jason Rick stumbles on a mysterious orb that gives him powers beyond his comprehension. Maximus Loo2012
2 Why I Never Befriend Aliens Jim discovers that an alien had strewn the orb to Earth.



3 Welcome to Fun Jim and Jason get invited to an amusement park after winning a contest, but they realize slavery is used to run it.
4 Social Networking When his parents ground Jason from using his computer - and social networks - Jason gets deprived and tries to use his powers to get back online. Maximus 

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