Teen Rebels is a 6-part animated series created by EliNinja. The series was rated TV-PG-LV in the U.S. for minor coarse language and some violence. The series was aired on the MTV cable network from November 19 - December 24, 1995 for 6 half-hour episodes. The show is focused on three 15-year-olds who go by the names of Ted (an art-interested male teen), Ken (a full-out teenage rebel), and Macy (a sadistic goth girl). The three are described as rebelious teenagers through-out the show's 6-episode run.



Title Info Original Airdate

Ted, Ken, and Macy find a car and go on a bit of a joyride around the town. Though they do have fun while doing so, they are continuously hounded down by several cops and activists.

November 19, 1995


Ted, Ken, and Macy find out that their clothing styles seem to be "too '80s-ish", so they go on a clothes shopping "adventure" in the mall. When searching for clothes, none of the clothes at the mall are really good. But despite this, the three still venture for new clothes.

November 26, 1995
"Food Riot" Ted, Ken, and Macy begin a food riot over a hot dog at lunch. The riot starts when the three find a left-over hot dog on their lunch table and begin to start a fight about it. Ted then throws some chicken wings at Ken and Macy, with an anonymous student yelling "RIOT!" in the cafeteria. The food riot goes on for about 16 days until stopping later. December 3, 1995
"Escape from the School" Ted, Ken, and Macy escape their school half-way through the school day, which is a practice commonly known as "truancy". During their day away from school, the three hang out in various places such as The Arcade, a Basketball game, and The Mall. December 10, 1995
"Murtaphytitis" When Ken learns from a school nurse that he only has 4 days to live due to a foreign disease known as "Murtaphytitis", He spends his last 4 days with his two best friends Ted and Macy. On his supposedly fourth and last day though, he learns that the nurse tricked him into thinking he has a disease. Due to this, Ken pranks the nurse by putting bleach in her orange juice, causing her to die of appendicitis. December 17, 1995
"Christmas Sucks"

In the series finale and christmas special, when Ted, Ken, and Macy learn that Santa has been shot by a mysterious homicidal woman, the three go on a quest to deliver all of the christmas presents to children around the world to save christmas.

NOTE: Due to unknown reasons, this episode aired on Nick @ Nite before officially airing on MTV 4 days later.

December 20, 1995 (Nick @ Nite)

December 24, 1995 (MTV)


  • The series was originally intended to air on FOX, but the network rejected it due to certain reasons, causing the series to move to MTV.
  • Despite it's slightly violent content, the series was aired on Nickelodeon for a breif time from April 1997 until early 1999.
  • The series also aired on Nickelodeon's sister channel Nicktoons Network for a breif time in the summer of 2006 before getting taken off on August 18.
  • The character Macy was originally intended to be a minor character (she was also intended to have a more violent and sadistic nature), but the executives of the show decided to make her a less-violent main character instead.

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