Symmetry is an ancient shadow organization and villainous trade union that provides criminal services for a fee and offers a wide array of employee benefits including, but not limited to, retirement plans, daycare, annual leave and of course dental insurance. Symmetry was created by Bishop to further his own agenda and appear predominantly in Bandit Territory, although they debut alongside Mage in The Bagel Show.


The Bagel Show

Bishop locates Collector, one of the last Immortals, and has Brutus and Saint attempt to capture him. Mage has been keeping tabs on the group since his defection and decides to intervene

Bandit Territory

Notable members

  • Mage:
  • Brutus: An English hitman who rose through the ranks following Mage's defection. He is considered one of Symmetry's deadliest due to his ability to create portals with no limitations, however he has issues staying sober which usually affects his performance.
  • Saint:
  • Ivory:


  • Symmetry once had beef with Vrunlost over some stupid shit.

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