The Bagel Show episode
Episode № Season 9
Episode 160
Air Date July 12, 2019
Written By IAmBagel
Directed By IAmBagel
Running Time 44 mins.
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Supremacy (also known as Endgame in certain countries) is the one-hour series finale of The Bagel Show. It is scheduled to air on Cartoon Network on July 12, 2019. It is one of the few episodes rated TV-PG-V.


Act 1: Return to the Prime Universe/Reconciliation


Act 2: Battle Royale/Twelve





International Airdates

Country Network Premiere date Title
United States Cartoon Network July 12, 2019 Supremacy
Canada YTV July 12, 2019 Supremacy
United Kingdom & Ireland Cartoon Network July 27, 2019 Supremacy
Latin America Cartoon Network August 17, 2019 Final de partida (Endgame)
France, Switzerland, & Wallonia Cartoon Network August 17, 2019 Suprématie (Supremacy)
Netherlands & Flanders Cartoon Network August 17, 2019 Eindstrijd (Final Battle)
Australia & New Zealand Cartoon Network August 24, 2019 Endgame
CIS Nickelodeon August 31, 2019 эндшпиль (Endgame)
China Nickelodeon October 4, 2019 N/A
India Cartoon Network October 18, 2019 एंडगेम (Endgame)
South Korea Cartoon Network October 25, 2019 최종회 (Endgame)
Middle East MBC 3 October 25, 2019 N/A
South Africa Nickelodeon November 1, 2019 Endgame
Japan Cartoon Network November 23, 2019 至上 (Supremacy)


  • This is the series finale of The Bagel Show, and the final part of the 6-episode "Fall of the King" story arc.
  • Before the episode's official title was revealed, the production crew considered naming it "Twelve".  
  • Prior to the episode's primere, Cartoon Network held a 3 day marathon of all of the episodes leading up to the primere
  • The episode was originally intended to be a television movie, however, those plans were scrapped and it was cut to a 1-hour special.
  • In later airings, this episode is separated into 2 episodes: Part one is entitled "Return to the Prime Universe" and part two is entitled "The End"
  • When the entire Fall of the King arc was in development, it was originally concevied as another theatrical film, but these plans were scrapped

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