Super Squirrel 
Genre: Action comedy
Squash and Stretch 
Creator: Craig McCracken
Butch Hartman 
Director: Craig McCracken
Gennedy Tartakovsky 
Developer: SuperSaiyanKirby 
Voices: Tara Strog as Super Squirrell
Rob Paulsen as Peter Penguin and Meteor-Cat
Tom Kenny as Gopher Mayor, Meerkatgician
Grey DeLisle as the Spider-Mistress
Neil Patrick Harris as DelLy the Science Guy
Andy Richter as Fred the Muskrat 
Narrator: Tom Kenny 
Theme composer: Adam Schlesinger
Butch Hartman 
Opening theme: "Super Squirrel" 
End theme: "Super Squirrel" Instrumental 
Number of seasons:
Number of episodes: 26 per season 
List of episodes: List of Super Squirrel episodes 
Executive producer: Butch Hartman 
Producer: Deirdre Brenner
George Goodchild
Dave Thomas
Craig Kellman 
Asst. producer: Gennedy Tartakovsky 
Editor: Ray DeLaurentis 
Runtime: 22 minutes 
Audio format: Justin Brinsfield
Matt Corey 
First aired: September 2, 2011
Super Squirrel is an American animated television series created by Butch Hartman and Craig McCracken. It will debut on September 2, 2011 on Nickelodeon, and will air on YTV a month after the American premiere and Nickelodeon Canada a day later. The show's main character is a squirrel named Super Squirrel (voiced by Tara Strong), who gains superpowers after drinking water from a radioactive river, and saves the city of Ohio Woods from other animals that got evil powers from the river.


In the city of Ohio Woods, a squirrel drank out of the infamous radioactive river, gaining superpowers, and there's only one thing he can do with these powers: save the day from evildoers.


Many characters will appear in the show, however, some won't have speaking roles yet.


  • Super Squirrel (Voice Tara Strong In A High-Pitched Voice) is a squirrel who after drank out of the radioactive river, gained the power to fly (like a flying squirrel), the power to zap lasers out of eyes, and to lift strong objects. It has yet to be known what his real name is.
  • Peter Penguin (voiced by Rob Paulsen) is Super Squirrel's best friend who was the first to know about Super's gaining of powers. Once in a while, he would some reason have superpowers, probably because he drank from the river, which was unseen.
  • Gopher Mayor (voiced by Tom Kenny) is the elected official of Ohio Woods, who calls Super Squirrel by telling the problem to a mockingbird, and the mockingbird repeats the message to Super Squirrel when reached his tree.


  • Meerkatgician (voiced by Tom Kenny) is a meerkat that was the first seen in the series gaining superpowers. He found a magic kit, and took out a magic wand, sucking on it like a binkie, and then he noticed the radioactive river, dipped the wand into it, and tasted it, and then goes flying into the magic kit, and he turns evil.
  • The Spider Mistress (voiced by Grey DeLisle) is a human combined with a spider. She took an example of the radioactive river, and then trips on a spider, and then the example breaks, and then the spider and the human combine, thus making the Spider Mistress.
  • DelLy the Science Guy (voiced by Neil Patrick Harris) a dolphin who got combined with robotic parts while swimming in the river by accident, and was able to be on land, but to only be mobile by a Segway-type vehicle.
  • Meteor-Cat (voiced by Rob Paulsen) is a cat who got hit by a meteorite while passing by the river, and he looks like Frieza (from Dragon Ball Z) in his first form.
  • Fred the Muskrat (voiced by Andy Richter) is a muskrat who came from a dimesion where Meerkats and Muskrats are at war (which could be the reason why the Meerkatgician is afraid when too close to him.


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