Super Smash Nickelodeon Fanon is a new game by TheChromePerson. It is for the Wii U only.



    • Y-Guy is the starter character, who is shaped like a V even though his name is Y-Guy. Isn't that weird?
    • Y-Guy loves Hearty. Y-Guy and Hearty sitting in a tree K I S S I N G. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes grandma with a baby carriage!
  • MOVES:
    • Punch - Punches.
    • Kick - Kicks.
    • Taunt - HAS NO TAUNT.
    • Taunt Attack - Shouts "I hate fractions!"
      • Targets - Infra Red, Mrs. Roop, Professor Zing-Whatt.
    • Ultimate Attack - Releases letters everywhere, shouting "I HATE FRACTIONS!".
    • Y-Guy

Plush Mario

    • Plush Mario is just like the real Mario, but softer.
  • MOVES:
    • Plush Mario

Update Packs

Update Packs are special packs that can be installed into Super Smash Nickelodeon Fanon containing new characters, new stages, and more.

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