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Super Psycho Is An Animated Series That Ran On Nick@Nite From Novenber 6th , 2002–Present. It Originally Appeared As A Nick@Nite Short On September 2, 1999. The Show Is Rated TV-PG-V.

Super Psycho 
The Show's Title Card Since 2009. 
Genre: dark comedy

comedy drama 

Creator: DUDE95 
Writer: DUDE95 
Director: DUDE95 
Developer: DUDE95 
Presenter: Nickelodeon 
Starring: DUE95

Timothy Brown

Dan Howard 

Theme composer: Electric Mass 
Opening theme: Sleepy Murder 
End theme: Sleepy Murder (Insturmental) 
Number of seasons: 10 
Number of episodes: 202 
Executive producer: DudeMan


Producer: DUDE 95 
Asst. producer: DudeMan 
Production Company: Emortal Animation

Nickelodeon Productions 

Runtime: 22 Minutes (Without Commercials)

27 Minutes (With Commercials) 

Original Channel: Nick @ Nite 
Picture format: 480i (SDTV)

1080i (HDTV 

Audio format: Mono (2002 - 03)

Stereo (2003 - Present) 

First run: Novenber 6th , 2002 - Present 
First aired: September 2nd , 1999 (Pilot)

November 6th , 2002 (Series) 

Last aired: Present 
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The Show's Pilot Was Aired On Nickelodeon On September 2, 1999 , But Was Withdrawn From The United States Due To Major Violence. The Show Began Production In 2001. The Show Officially Began In 2002 , As A Nick @ Nite Series. The Show's Pilot Re-Aired On Nick @ Nite On October 31, 2012 @ Midnight.

List Of Charcthers

Psych - The Main Characther Of The Show. Age 147 yrs.

Halloween - The Co-Main Characther Of The Show. Psych's Best Friend . Age 99 yrs.

Slick - The Main Villian Of The Show. Sworn Nemisis Of Psych (Sometimes Helps). Age 1000 yrs.

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