SuperSaiyanKirby Adventures: Season 1 is the first DVD for the Nicktoon SuperSaiyanKirby Adventures. It includes all the episodes of SuperSaiyanKirby Adventures's first season, Special Features, and more.


Disc One

  1. Nice to Meet You
  2. GLaDOS vs. Rob
  3. Hold the Invites, Please
  4. MattBoo Takes a Vacation
  5. Jerked Up
  6. Summers a Bummer
  7. Stealing is Fun!
  8. Yisac!
  9. Meet the Collector
  10. U.B. a Potato
  11. Knock Knock
  12. The Boo Who Cried Sponge
  13. Kill Them

Disc Two

  1. Plane Panic
  2. Beach Problem
  3. Singing?
  4. The Cake Isn't A Lie
  5. Do the Math
  6. It's The Law
  7. Kirby gets a Job
  9. Fright Night
  10. Reading Egg Shell
  11. Taste the Cake
  12. Nickcoming Prom

Special Features

Includes animatics from the first 14 episodes, and a bonus mini-game called "Let's Save Nicktropolis". It is a trivia minigame where you must save Nicktropolis from LT Fan and Plankton.

Release Date

January 7, 2014

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