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SuperSaiyanKirby Adventures: New Generation 
Genre: Action Fantasy, Cartoon Violence, 
Creator: SuperSaiyanKirby
Director: IAmBagel 
Developer: Theweb0123 
Starring: SuperSaiyanKirby
Joe Alaskey
Dee Bradley Baker
Logan Grove
Ashleigh Bell
Tara Strong 
Number of seasons: TBA 
List of episodes: List of SuperSaiyanKirby Adventures: New Generation episodes 
Executive producer: SuperSaiyanKirby 
Producer: IAmBagel 
Asst. producer: Invader Rob 
Runtime: 22 minutes (without commercials) 
First aired: June 1, 2019 
Preceded by: SuperSaiyanKirby Adventures 
Related: A Collection of Pointless Adventures
SuperSaiyanKirby Adventures

SuperSaiyanKirby Adventures: New Generation is a revival series of SuperSaiyanKirby Adventures. It premiered on June 1, 2019, on the show's seventh anniversary. The show is rated TV-PG-DLV, unlike the previous series because the creator of the show wanted some mild content in the show, like it's spin-off, A Collection of Pointless Adventures.


Main Characters

  • SuperSaiyanKirby: The current king of Nicktropolis who is stuck in his Saiyan form. He has been immortal for years after his adventures with his old friends went on with their lives. Voiced by SuperSaiyanKirby, and sometimes Billy West.
  • Waddle Dee Soldier: A Waddle Dee who works for the Nicktropolis Armed Forces to defend the city from evil. He has a main role in this show. Voiced by Joe Alaskey.
  • MattNi: MattBoo's son.
  • Zack: Inver Rob and Rainbow Dash'd son who is rude.
  • Chadster: Pac-man 64 and Yum-Yum's child, who is now older and has joined SuperSaiyanKirby on his adventures. Voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.
  • Chrome the II - Web and Fluttershy's 16-year-old son, who has joined SuperSaiyanKirby on his adventures to give out his father's legacy. Voiced by Logan Grove.
  • Applejoy - An 18-year-old pony who loves shopping and texting. Voiced by Ashleigh Bell.
  • Amy - Bagel and Pinkie's 17-year-old daughter who has joined SuperSaiyankirby on adventures. She has a strange addiction of punching things. Voiced by Tara Strong.
  • Homeschool Winner - Homestar Runner's younger brother, he was rejected and said to be killed off, he has never appeared in a cartoon (with speaking lines, atleast). He finally makes a appearance as a main character and joins SSK on his adventures. Voiced by Matt Chapman.


  • Anti-SuperSaiyanKirby: An anti-version of SuperSaiyanKirby that wants to kill SuperSaiyanKirby in a horrible way. Voiced by SuperSaiyanKirby without the British accent.
  • Shadow: A mysterious creature that can take over the bodies of people. He once took over Chrome the II's body, but his friends were able to save him. Voiced by Steven Blum.


Secondary Characters

  • Bagel: Amy's father. Voiced by IAmBagel.
  • Pinkie Pie: Amy's mother. Voiced by Andrea Libman.
  • Homebot: A machine created by Russian scientists who lost his home after a disaster in the Russian Test Labs. He has became too worried about not having a home. Voiced by Tom Kenny.

More TBA




List of SuperSaiyanKirby Adventures: New Generation episodes



American Voices

  • SuperSaiyianKirby as himself (80%), Anti SuperSaiyianKirby
  • Billy West as SuperSaiyianKirby (20%)
  • Joe Alaskey as Waddle Dee Solider
  • MattBoo as MattNi
  • Invader Rob as Zack
  • Dee Bradley Baker as Chadster
  • Logan Grove as Chrome the II
  • Tara Strong as Amy
  • Matt Chapman as Homeschool Winner
  • Steven Blum as Shadow
  • IAmBagel as himself
  • Andrea Libman as Pinkie Pie
  • Tom Kenny as Homebot

Japanese Voices

  • Chestnut Yoko as SuperSaiyianKirby
  • Katsumi Suzuki as Waddle Dee Solider


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