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Squad Æ 
The logo for the franchise 
Genre: Science-Fiction
Creator: Ralf Hat
Writer: Ralf Hat
Director: Ralf Hat 
Opening theme: Let's Fight! 
End theme: Let's Fight! (Instrumental) 
Number of seasons:
Number of episodes: 152 
List of episodes: List of Squad Æ episodes 
Production Company: Acceleration 
Runtime: 22 Minutes 
Original Channel: Cartoon Network 
First aired: July 8, 2011 
Last aired: April 3, 2016

Squad Æ is an American animated science-fiction, comedy series created by Son of Hat and IAmBagel, for Cartoon Network. The series sets place in Elysium, which houses many characters from the Foundry. The show follows the action packed adventures of Æ, and his friends, who protect the city, and the entire world from the evil which threatens it. In other episodes however, the characters are known to go through average everyday problems. The series first premiered on Cartoon Network on July 8, 2011, and had it's series finale on April 3, 2016. Overall, 152 episodes, 5 seasons, one theatrical film, and much commercialism, has entered the franchise. Squad Æ is often rated TV-Y7-FV, while some episodes (especially the final season) has been given the TV-PG/V rating.


Squad Æ follows the adventurous lives of Æ, and the rest of his friends as they fight evil doers, who threaten chaos throughout the city of Elysium, as well as the rest of the universe.

Some episodes can be more comedic, and features the average life of the characters in the city. While other episodes are more serious, and leave an important mark in the series. The main characters consist of Æ, Matt, Joseph, Angel, as well as a variety of secondary, recurring, and minor characters.

The first season mostly introduced characters, settings, etc. It didn't really revolve around any plot, but was more "random" compared to the other seasons. Season two focused mostly on the gang meeting new friends and foes, as they travel throughout places around the world, only to find away how to defeat an alien invasion.




Æ: A puffball, given the power of Zelenium, the Warrior God. His life was depressing, mostly due to his parents mysterious disappearances. He is however optimistic almost all the time, and is ready to help out his friends when they need guidance or safety. Æ's powers get out of control on many occasions, which he usually learns more about later on in the series.

Matt: Matt is a kind hearted and sensitive ghost who is one of Æ's best friends. Matt is the youngest of the group (being of nine years old), as well as the most curious of the gang. Despite his troublesome antics, he learns from his mistakes everytime.

Joseph: Joseph is the most questionable of the squad. He is a human with little respect towards the people around him, and is shown to be very uncomfortable with most of the city's ways. Joseph is the son of a famous mechanic, and wants to continue his father's legacy, with his inventions that are used for the team.

Angel: Angel is a quiet Japanese ninja, who joined the team during the middle of the first season. She's very skillful with many of her weapons, and can be a whole lot violent towards everyone, despite her innocent appearance and shy personality. She barely talks in the series.


Anthrax: Commonly Æ's arch enemy, Anthrax or Jeffery C. Vinegar is a businessman who is the CEO of TOXIC Enterprises, a well rising company which produces many resources for the city. Anthrax is secretly a madman terrorist, wanting to take total control over the city and America with his army of robots.

Grandmother: Although her real name is hidden, Grandmother is a well known elderly crime boss in the city. She causes chaos around town with her henchmen, and signature Besa machine gun. She is known to make deals with other people (and usually always breaks the deal on purpose), and she has a hatred towards Squad Æ, as well as many other main villains.

Jenny: Jenny is Anthrax's spoiled and hyperactive teenaged daughter who is much aware of her father's evil schemes (and often participates in them). She is a huge fan of Æ, and obsesses over him in many episodes. She is however a threat to the rest of the team, especially to Angel, whom Jenny despises the most.

The Troll King: The Troll King is unpredictable. At certain moments, he acts like a happy-go-lucky idiot. However, he is often described as twisted by a large number of people. He has no regard for life, and treats the pain and suffering of others as a personal sport. The Troll King is fast and agile, and has moderate skill in hand-to-hand combat. However, he favors the usage of firearms more, with his signature weapon being a gold M249 SAW. 


The Mounoids: An intelligent and large populating alien race of Hymenoptera. They do not have a planet of origin, but they instead travel through an enormous hive. They believe that every planet with life inhabiting it is a threat towards them, so they always end up destroying the targeted planet. They are made up of soldiers, drones, workers, and a queen: Nuyma. They are the main villains for the second season.

Nuyma: Nuyma is the queen of the mounoids, and conquer of worlds. She is different than the rest of the mounoids, (being the last of her real species, and in terms of personality). She is serious and power hungry. She wishes to have total control of anything in the universe that lives, and she brainwashed the mounoids into helping her destroy other worlds.


Zelenium: A dethroned deity, and son of the "Earth God", Tellurus. After fighting Numquam, and losing, Zelenium knew that he would never return as a god again, so he transported the remaining part of his soul and placed it into a mortal (Æ), giving Æ the powers he once had. He usually appears in Æ's mind, offering him advice. He plays an important role in the series.


Terra: TBA

Lesley Evens (Shadow Hawk): Given the name "Shadow Hawk" Anthrax's ex wife who is an agent for the E.G.P.F (Elysium Governing Police Force). She often helps the squad during their missions, and supplies them for what they need. Æ and Leslie both are close allies due to the fact that both are enemies of Anthrax. TBA

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