Super-Zeroes! is a new episode in the 2012 Nicky series. It is the 4th episode.


Nicky and Brandon become superheroes,and fight the supervillan Dr. Boom!


Shows the garage of Nicky's house.

Brandon: Yes! In my new lab,Nicky will never be able to bother me.

Nicky: Where's Bubby?

Mrs. Tinguely: I think your brother is working on some invention.

Nicky: Tan I hewp,Mommy?

Mrs. Tinguely: Sure! I think he's in the garage.

Nicky: Otay!

Nicky goes up to the garage door.

Security System: Name?

Nicky: Wook at the transcript!!

Security System: Relation to Brandon?

Nicky: Bubby's my bwother.

Security System: Acsess Denied.

Nicky: Uh-uh! Open the dwoor!

Nicky's lip starts to quiver.


Brandon: What the heck?!?!

Brandon: Nicky! Nicky!


Brandon: Nicky! It's okay!

Nicky: Bubby!

Brandon: Hi,Nick! Bubby doing some top secret stuff,so could you ju...

Nicky runs into his lab,knocking stuff down.


Nicky: Uh-oh!

Brandon: Nick! All these projects,are ruined!

Nicky: I sorry.

Brandon: Wait! Yes! My Super-Hero Serum survived!

Nicky: Sewum?

Brandon: The first REAL super-hero,ME!

Nicky: Super-Bubby! Batnicky!

Brandon: Batnicky? But,um,I...I really wanted to be,ya know...solo.


The glass of serum breaks from the sound,and spills on Nicky and Brandon.


Super-Nicky: Supa Nicky! Bubby? Bubby!?

Super-Brandon: Ni...Nicky! We're Superheroes!

Super-Nicky: Let's save the wowld!

Super-Brandon: That's cute,but...

Super-Nicky flies out the window.

Super-Nicky: Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

Super-Brandon: Uh-Oh!

Super-Brandon follows Nicky through the city.

Meanwhile,in an evil lair...

Dr. Boom: Mwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! Super Heroes,huh?! Well,with the power of 2 heroes,my superweapon will finally work. Prepare for the creation of...Dr. Boom Land!

Dr. Boom sent out 2 missiles at the heroes.

Super-Brandon: Nicky! NICKY!! Whoa,that's a...missile!

Super-Nicky: That wooks pointy!

The 2 dodged the missiles,with their flying powers.

Super-Brandon: I read about this....this means one thing,SUPER VILLANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Super-Nicky: Supa Viwans?! SUPER VILLANS!!

Dr. Boom: Surrender,or feel the wrath of my.....BOOM!!

Super-Brandon: What a rip-off! Allright,you want a fight? I'll give ya one!

Super-Brandon punches Dr. Boom,but Dr. Boom blocks,and shoots a bomb at Nicky.

Super-Nicky: Ty-Kwan-Dee!!

Nicky karate chops the bomb,and it explodes.

Super-Nicky: Owwie! You don't wanna see me angwy!

Super-Nicky turns into The Incredible Nicky

The Incredible Nicky: NICK SMASH!

Nicky jumps,and punches Dr. Boom.

Dr. Boom: Grrr! Well then....BOYS FIRE!!!!!!!!!

The cannons fire...but not cannonballs,cheese!

Dr. Boom: Cheese?! You idiots filled our cannon with cheese!

Dr. Boom get's so distracted,he goes on a rant. Meanwhile,Super-Nicky and Super-Brandon arrest him.


Super-Nicky: Dat bad guy's cwazy.

Super-Brandon: Tell me about it!

Then,a meteor hits Super-Brandon and Super-Nicky. It takes away their powers.

Brandon: So,I guess we just have to say...

Nicky: THE END!!

ZUKO(suzon) is awesome

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