Sugar High is an American television show that will start airing soon on Nicktoons 1000. The show is written, created, and voiced by Derphox and IAmBagel along with Tara Strong, Trey Parker, Tom Kenny, Seth McFarlene, and MattBoo 2. The show Is almost always rated TV-14.


23-year-old James attempts to fit into a strange world made of candy.


James: A 23-year-old, ex-candy addict. He has a crush on Princess Gumdrop which his friends think is kind of weird since he enjoys eating gumdrops.

Chocolate Thing: James' best friend. He can be really stubborn almost to a psychopathic extent.

Snickers: A snickers bar who always seems drunk. He enjoys drinking (duh!), stripping, and pole dancing.

Princess Gumdrop: The leader of CandyVille. She hates her father and secretly loves Snickers. She has a double life as a stripper.

Lord Hershey III: The main villain of the series. He is chocolate and is Princess Gumdrop's father.

White Chocolate: Chocolate Things brother. He is secretly a drug dealer and is a drug addict himself.

List Of Episodes

Season 1 Season 1 will have 8 episodes.

The Candy Pilot


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