Squeegee's Secret is the twelveth episode of season one of Chrome's Show of Chromeyness.


Rob is forced to make lasagna to prove to his friends he's mature. Being unable to make lasagna, he decides to steal Papa Squeegee's secret formula for lasagna.

It was a normal day at Rob's base, where he's doing his latest "experiment", combining a hot dog with a pencil sharpener to create the "hot dog pencil sharpener". He invited Chrome, Bagel and Mage so they could see him making it. Chrome is excited that this invention could make all of them famous and then Chrome could finally buy a limousine.

The experiment fails, with the hot dog exploding and the pencil sharpener raining pencil sharpenings on everyone. Chrome and Bagel leave, obviously disappointed. Mage criticizes Rob, saying he's immature. Rob goes to the kitchen to prove he's mature by making lasagna.

Rob just stands by the oven, waiting for the lasagna to make itself. After an hour, Rob gives up. A lightbulb appears on Rob's head, and he gets an idea. That night, Rob dons a burglar mask and a flashlight, and goes to the local Papa Squeegee. Nobody is there except the night watch. Rob notices this, and disables the cameras, using his PAK lasers to break them.

The night watch flickers between cameras, with nothing but static on the screen. The night watch grabs a flashlight and goes to investigate. Rob hides from the guard.



  • Rob: What? Of course I'm mature, don't be ridiculous!
  • Mage: Then do something mature.
  • Rob: Bah, I'm WAY more mature than you!
  • Mage: You quit watching Dora the Explorer a month ago.
  • Rob: That doesn't mean anything! I'll prove to you I'm mature by... uh... MAKING LASAGNA!
  • (Mage laughs a bit, then walks away.)

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