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Genre Adult animation
Dark comedy
Occult detective fiction
Created By Ralf Hat
Written By Ralf Hat
Directed By Ralf Hat
Country Of Origin United States
Original Language(s) English
№ Of Seasons 13
№ Of Episodes 149 (7 specials)
List Of Episodes List of Spooks episodes
First Aired September 19, 2000
Running Time 20 minutes
40 minutes (specials)
Production Company(s) Deadpan Productions
Audio Format Dolby Surround 2.0 (2000–2005)
5.1 surround sound (2005–present)
Network SPEED

Spooks is an American adult animated horror comedy series which first premiered on SPEED on September 19, 2000, developed by Ralf Hat. The format follows a half-dead individual―Aaron who lives in Houston, Texas with his best friend―the Grim Reaper and Stephen―his guardian angel. The three get involved in unsettling and bloodcurdling adventures as they fight the demons who threaten the planet while attempting to fit in with the mortal world. The style of the series uses extreme graphic violence and morbid scenery, which gives the show its cult horror-esque sense. Furthermore, Spooks has received a positive reception from critics, who praise the shows dark humor and atmosphere as well as the characters and storyline. 



Spooks' pilot was fully written and directed by series creator, Ralf Hat back in the mid-90s, as a pilot pitch for the Fox Broadcasting Company. Originally, characters had different names, animation was quite cheaper, and the humor style of the pilot was often light and plain random. The pilot, however, wasn't picked up due to high production costs as well for the negative criticism from executives at the channel. However, the series instead was listed onto Hat's own television channel, Kingson's late night blockSPEED, which is treated as a separate entity for promotional purposes and as a separate channel. Further development including a supplementary amount of writers, animators, and cast were added to work on the show, and the entire project's "texture" was mainly influenced by supernatural-horror and the splatter genre.


Following after his death, Aaron Patterson―a once living 20 year-old college student, is now walking among the dead in the emptiness of Limbo. His only friend is his guardian angel― Stephen, who he can only trust in this world of darkness. After weeks of living in Purgatory, Aaron comes face to face with the Grim Reaper himself, who is revealed to be a rather mean-spirited, alcoholic, narcissist, with little sense of passion to those around him. He allegedly spends his work time hunting demons in which escape from Hell and wreck havoc among the mortals on Earth. With no hesitation, the council of Limbo recruit both Aaron and Stephen to assist Grim during his deadly job as they soon comes to realization that Aaron is the next-in line Grim Reaper. The series is built up of character growth, and a descriptive worldview, as well as its utterly frightening and bloody horror within all episodes of the show. While many episodes are seen to be receive a comedic tone, others tend to hold an unnerving manner.

Cast and characters

Main characters

  • Aaron Patterson (voiced by Jeffrey Combs): A 20 year-old cowardly ghost and the main character of the series. Aaron is young and naive, compared to his co-workers, and is shown to be the weakest of the group he works in. His paranoia commonly overtakes himself and he fears for not only for himself, but for his friends as well. Aaron is generous and utterly innocent, which gets in the way of his job, considering the fact that he is the next-in-line grim reaper.
  • Grimm Mortem (voiced by Norm Macdonald): The grim reaper who holds the passage of life and death in the mortal and spirit world. When not doing his job, Grimm is a laid-back neglectful alcoholic who expresses with a rude and negative attitude personality. He lives with his bothersome family which often gets in the way during certain missions.
  • Stephen (voiced by Vince Vaughn):


  • Pete and Laura Mortem (voiced by TBA)
  • Kevin
  • Kimberly
  • Onna



  • Many fans of the series would agree that the first season of Spooks is the least scariest season, as well as the most humorously filled season of the series overall.
  • Spooks is the first (and longest-running) original series on SPEED. Currently on its seventeenth year of running. (2000 - 2017).
  • On the series' tenth year anniversary in 2010, SPEED released digitally graphical wallpapers of every single episode from pilot to so on.

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