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Game Box

This is a game that I made for the nick Fanon con, sorry for the delay

Right now there is a demo of the game which you can play here:

The Story

Spongebob finds a evil fish that wants to take over Bikini Bottom...Spongebob also finds that there is only 10 days to live due to a misfunction in a get it


Main SpongeBobPatrickSandySquidwardMr Krabs PlanktonGary

Major Mrs. PuffPearlKarenMermaid ManBarnacle BoyLarry the LobsterNat PetersonHaroldScooterBetsy KrabsMan RayDirty BubbleSquilliam FancysonFrench NarratorMableOld Man JenkinsTomLouLennyCora RechidMonroe TimmyShubieDennisJohnny ErainMartha SmithSallyFlying DutchmanPatchy the PiratePotty the Parrot

Minor AnnetteBubble BassBubble BuddyBubble BustBubble ElephantBuiserCarlClamuCraig MammaltonDexter BlubbunsJack M. CrazyfishDennis (mercenary)DoodleBobDr. MarmaladeFilthy PhilMilo J. FinkerfishFlatts the FlounderFrank (citizen)Frank (store owner)Gene ScallopGlovieGorillaGrandma SquarePantsHeart ManHorace A. WhopperHorace B. MagicJimKaren 2King KrabsMartyQueen MildewMrs. SquarePantsPatarPattyMindyMr. Seaweed MonstermanMothPerch PerkinsPrawnSalesmanSandmanSea BearSea RhinocerosSmitty Werben Jigger Man JensenSpatSquid WoodMr. BakermanStinkyTattletale StranglerMr. TentaclesMrs. TentaclesTinaWhat Zit TooyaNicholas WhithersGeorge the ZebraPainty the PirateDr. ManowarDavid HasselhoffLion FishKevin C. CucumberNosferatuQueen AmphitriteRobot SpongeBobRobot DX29488

Groups TUOOFATTAFADAnchoviesBikini Bottom Symphony OrchestraBlue JellyfishJellyfishBoys Who CrySquarePants familyTentacles familyKrabs FamilyPlankton FamilyPatrick and Gary's familyCheeks familyNed and the Needlefish

Sorry for copying and pasting, btw


They celebrate Ernest Borgerine's funeral

Spongebob is seen playing "Super Scallop Bros." in the beginning. This is a refrence to Mario.


Level 1:Bikini Bottom

Level 2:Glove World

Level 3:Rock Bottom

Level 4:Shell City

Level 5:Atlantis

Level 6:New Kelp City

Level 7:Kahmamoku Cove



2:Evil Glovie

3:Bad Monster



6:Angry Citizens


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