Spaced Out is a 2014 cartoon action-drama show created by Fanon Fun! Entertainment airing on The Best! Cartoons. The show's premise revolves around two private investigator aliens with a huge criminal record teaming up with an old grizzly bounty hunter with a dark past and a human agent to take down major targets across the galaxy, while fighting and learning to get along as well as becoming better people(actually aliens). Each episode revolves around a case(some episodes tackling one big case) while packing in character development and solo episodes. The series is animated similarly to Danny Phantom.


The Team

  • Agent Emily Xena: An  Indian human woman born on a highly advanced planet, Xena is very uptight and focused on her job, having little time for relationships and bonds. She works for the Galactic Operatives Squad and has joined the team temporarily in order to access high profile cases.
  • Mr. Cobalt: A retired bounty hunter with a dark past, Cobalt is teaming up with who he describes as "the future" to give them cases in order to protect the galaxy and make right his wrongs. Cobalt is a living shadow.
  • The Hunter(Ron Nackolmore): A wise-cracking loud elf-like humanoid who is always interested in making money. He has a rough exterior but cares greatly for his friends.
  • Irk: A member of the hyper-intelligent Homo Flora sprecies, Irk is a living rose who was born with a voice disorder, allowing him only to grunt. Ron rescued Irk from those who wanted to treet him as a slave, and Irk vowed a debt to Ron, becoming his enforcer.


Season 1

This season had <placeholder> episodes. It features lots of character development as well as many singular monsters.

  • Secret Agents, Elves, Roses, Grizzled Anti-Heroes, and Terrorists, Oh my!: When a mysterious informant offers up info on a planned terrorist attack on the galaxy's capital, an undercover agent of the GOS and two bounty hunters race to stop the attack, but find out that they may need to come together if they want to defeat their mutual enemy.
  • Which Wretch is Which?: Cobalt informs the team of the identidy of the killer who has commited murders, ones that happened in wildly different places and used wildly different weapons, and informs them that they are dealing with an alien who can clone himself. Now, they must split up to stop the killer and find the original in time.
  • Shock: The beautiful elegant grassy planet of Lindo is threatened when someone with the power of electricity begins killing powerful people, but not all is as it seems.
  • Battles and Beasts: A race of blue aliens named Azulers living in Splendidum have recently being disappeared. Cobalt leads the team to an arena on an un-civilized planet ruled by a specist villain as they infiltrate the arena and battle to the top.







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