Solar is an American animated series created by EliNinja. It aired on the Nickelodeon cable channel from March 8th - April 7th, 2014 for 15 episodes and revolves around the daily lifes of planets in the solar system, with a bit of a twist. It is rated TV-G the United States.


Main Characters

  • Earth - The Earth is a blue planet who seems to enjoy life with his friends. Although he finds many aspects of his life confusing, he is still happy with what he has and who he is. He also seems to break into song to cheer up someone in desperate need of comfort, cheering up or consoling. He is voiced by Dante Basco and his singing voice is provided by Arin Hanson.
  • Moon - The Moon is a grey rock who is usually the comic relief of the show. He is the butt of every cheese joke made in the show and can be a bit obnoxious sometimes, but either way, he is still a good friend to many. He is also good at playing chess, even though he has NO HANDS. He is voiced by Nathan Lane.
  • Sun - The Sun is a ball of fire who likes to do many things. She is often sweet, thoughtful, considerate, and sometimes flirty. Thing she likes to do include reading comics, talking about stuff with her friends, and making others happy. She would also give Earth advice whenever he needs it. She is voiced by Lalainia Lindberg.


Title Original Airdate Episode # Info
The Pilot March 8, 2014 1

Series Premiere. When The Earth has a crush on Venus, The Moon and Sun give him advice. Meanwhile, Saturn and Mars run away from something bad that they did.

The Game March 15, 2014 2

The Moon and Jupiter play a game that goes horribly wrong. 

The Rocket March 22, 2014 3 Venus and Earth watch a rocketship go by on a romantic day.
The Virals; The Coming March 29, 2014 4

Jupiter and Saturn make a popular video; Sun's Cousin pays a visit.

The Arguement  April 5, 2014 5 The Earth, Jupiter, and Mars argue about video games.
The Plague April 12, 2014 6 A space plague is going around in the Solar System.
The Dream; The Play April 19, 2014 7 Jupiter has a nightmare and can't stop thinking about it; The Earth, The Sun, The Moon, Venus, & Mars do a reproduction of Macbeth.
The Blackhole  April 26, 2014 8 Earth & Moon hang out with a blackhole. 
The Spacequake April 27, 2014 9 When an earthquake suddenly happens in outer space, it is considered a spacequake.
The Dance; The Satelite May 3, 2014 10 The planets play a dance game; Sun launches a rocket that accidentally hits a grumpy satelite.
The Sleepover May 10, 2014 11 Earth, Moon, & Sun have a sleepover.
The Problem May 17, 2014 12  Earth & Venus have a problem with eachother.
The Edge; The Collision May 24, 2014 13 The planets go to the edge of the universe; The Earth & Moon merge with eachother.

The Star; The Talent

May 31, 2014 14

Earth, Moon, & Sun hang out with a female star, only to find out that she wants to eat their guts out until they die; Earth & Moon try to find their best talents to impress the others.

The Space-pocalypse June 7th, 2014 15 Series finale: A big death-explosion-karate-chop solar apocalypse is happening, and there is no way to stop it....AT ALL

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