Genre: Animated TV Series 
Creator: Paul Germain

Fred Seibert 

Director: Dave Marshall 
Developer: Gabor Csupo 
Starring: E.G. Daily
Tom Kenny
Debi Derryberry 
Voices: E.G. Daily as Skipper
Tom Kenny as Kenny
Debi Derryberry as Freddy
Noah Segan as Mr. Fairy 
Opening theme: Skipper's Crazy Song (by Brain Causey) 
Number of seasons: 12 
Number of episodes: TBA (26 per season ) 
List of episodes: List of Skipper episodes 
Executive producer: Fred Seibert 
Producer: Alan Goodman 
Runtime: 22 minutes without commercials 
First aired: March 6, 1998 
Last aired: present 
Preceded by: TBA 
Followed by: Skipper: The Teen Years


Skipper is a Nicktoon and a popular one besides Rugrats and SpongeBob. It premiered on March 6, 1998. The series ended on March 5, 2010, and currently reruns on NickToons, and TeenNick's new block, "The 90's Are All That", and the show will premiere on NickTVin September 2011 and has 312 episodes.

Series plot

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