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Skeeter & Scooter 
Genre: Comedy


Creator: KingOfWiki1414 
Director: Scott Berrywood 
Developer: KingOfWiki1414 
Presenter: KingOfWiki1414 
Theme composer: "Aw, here we go again" 
Number of seasons:
List of episodes: List of Skeeter & Scooter episodes 
Executive producer: KingOfWiki1414 
Producer: KingOfWiki1414 
Runtime: 22-24 minutes

Skeeter & Scooter is a televised show which premiered on Nickelodeon on early 2014. This was second misadventure like Arnold & Nick. It was created by KingOfWiki1414, and is produced through Bigfoot Productions, Inc. On June 28, The show will run to five seasons to the final and making a TV Movie.


Skeeter & Scooter were good friends goes to Misadventure and get very crazy.


Main characters

Skeeter Rougenecks

  • He was 20 Years old young man.
  • He has a good respect, Loves pick up girls.
  • He works at Rigg's Shop and his boss is Earl Rigg.
  • He always hang out with his best friend, Scooter and do some crazy things together.


  • He was 19 Years old young man.
  • He loves to Drink of Red Soda and picking up girls.
  • Scooter sometime do some silly thing and he get out of control and get in to trouble along with his best friend, Skeeter.

Cindy Rougenecks

  • She was 11 years old young lady who have a hug crush on Scooter, Scooter was very aware her crush.
  • She does do Karate lesson and she's get a A+ at her school studies.

Robert Rougenecks

Lisa Rougenecks

Earl Riggs




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  • Pilot
  • There's a Screw in My Cupcake.


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