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Signs Point to Yes! 
Genre: Comedy, Sketch comedy, Children's Animation 
Creator: Michael Collington 
Developer: Mike Tollin
Miles Millar
Alfred Gough 
Voices: Andy Samberg
Dana Snyder
Robbie Daymond
Sam Lavagnino 
Theme composer: Jonti Picking (Weebl) 
Opening theme: Grandma's Cheese (off of YouTube) 
End theme: Grandma's Cheese (off of YouTube) 
Number of seasons:
Number of episodes: 100 
Executive producer: Michael Collington
Jonti Picking 
Asst. producer: Geoffrey Darby 
Production Company: Bushiroad Animations
Nickelodeon Animation Studio 
Runtime: 22 minutes (Segments for that matter) 
Original Channel: Nickelodeon
Signs Point to Yes! is an American Animated series made by Michael Collington and developed by Mike Tollin (of All That fame), and Miles Millar & Alfred Gough (of Smallville fame). It stars Rob Matters, Jr. (voiced by Andy Samberg), who is working on a school project, in which he is interrupted by his dad, Rob Matters, Sr. (voiced by Dana Snyder) who says that is time for the show. Then, Rob and his Dad met their boss, Mr. Krupp (voiced by Robbie Daymond, who also voiced SwaySway from Breadwinners) who tells them they're early, or Late. Then, Rob Matters, Jr. and Rob Matters, Sr. rushes to the stage. They welcome to the show, when they are interrupted by a little cast member, Mr. Tune-Up (voiced by Sam Lavagnino, who also voiced CatBug from Bravest Warriors), who says his catchphrase, "Don't Start the Show Without Me!" while rushing on-screen. Then, at the end of every episode, they end the show by saying "LOWER DOWN THE CURTAIN!", then the curtain lowers down. The end credits fade in.

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