Shadows are a species of dark beings, derivatives of many other species similar to zombies. When a creature looses it's soul they become one of the Shadows, their personality and appearance having an effect on what type of Shadow they become. Naturally, they act aggressive towards all, men, women, and children. They are important beings in the Sword of Dreams series.



List of Shadows

  • Blank: A black shadow of Kiru. It follows you waitinf to attack. It is incredibly weak but common and attacks in large numbers.

Worlds they appear in: The Great Islands, Fanonbithia, SSK Castle, New City, Eclipse Valley

  • Weoweo: Small dawrf like shadows with a siren on their head. When the siren goes off, they become incredibly fast and strong, so it is reccomended that you destory the siren first.
  • Bully: A great big fat Shadow with yellow eyes. They will fly up and body slam you for large damage but they are quite slow.


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