Screensavers where on for a short time in 2012 they where taken down whenever they found MattBoo,s Screensaver had a flashing background which caused sezuries.They where not taken down in Latin America,Peru and Isreal.

Hoops and Yoyo and Spike Screensavers

Hoops Screensaver

Hoops's screensaver has Hoops dancing.This was put up in the USA and UK.

Yoyo Screensaver

Yoyo,s Screensaver has Yoyo walking in a alley.This was put up in the USA and UK

Spike Screensaver

Spike,s screensaver was Spike in a elevator too Hevean.This was banned in many contries because Heaven is known as Hell in the screensaver.This was not put up in the USA but was put up everywhere else.

The Homestar Runner and Pac-Man 64 Show


MattBoo and Friends:Warriors Against LT Fan

MattBoo Screensaver

MattBoo's Screensaver has MattBoo eating choclate. This was put up in the USA and UK.

Kirby & Ami Screensaver

Kirby & Ami's Screensaver has Kirby & Ami kissing at a wedding. This was put up in the USA and UK.

Pac Man Jr. Screensaver

Pac Man Jr.'s Screensaver has Pac Man Jr. balancing on a crocodile. This was the funniest becasue it was put up in every country.

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