Saving The Future is the 24th episode of Curiousgorge66's Adventures.



  • Gorge
  • Timmy
  • Bagel
  • John
  • Wario
  • Nozus
  • Erin
  • Web
  • Collector
  • Saint
  • Dr. Unknown


  • 2023 Sophie


Gorge: Ta-da!

Timmy: What is that?

Gorge: It's a time machine.

Timmy: And what does it do?

Gorge: Simple. I press this button.

(Gorge presses a button)

Gorge: And then I press some random numbers...

(Gorge presses the numbers "2", "0", "2", and "3", in that order)

(the time machine whirrs to life and Timmy gets in)

Gorge: Okay! Here we go! (calls Sophie) Just wanted to say goodbye. Okay. Bye! (hangs up) HERE WE GO!

(Gorge gets sent to 2023 Nicktropolis)

Gorge: How did I get here?

Timmy: Hey! There's some people there!

(Gorge runs up to John)

Gorge: Uh... hi.

Collector: Who are you?

(Gorge puts his hands in the air)

Gorge: I'm a good guy.

Collector: Is that true?

Gorge: Yes.

Collector: OK... why did you disappear for 8 years?

Gorge: I didn't. I took a time machine and...

Bagel: Gorge... is that you?

Gorge: What are you doing?

Bagel: We're trying to protect the city!

Gorge: OK.

Erin: So what's your love interest?

Gorge: Why would you ask me that?

Erin: Oh. Okay.

(Dr. Unknown is coming to Syndicate)

Gorge: Who is he?

Collector: Oh no! It's Dr. Unknown!

Gorge: I don't really get it.

Collector: Dr. Unknown plans to destroy the entire Syndicate and succeed his goals!

Gorge: That's not good! Good thing I have a Coke Sprayer!

Collector: You idiot! That won't work. You need a real weapon.

Gorge: I have a sword as backup.

Collector: Oh, OK.

Gorge: So what do I do?

John: Try to stab Dr. Unknown in the knee!

Gorge: Are you crazy? (finds a stick) If this doesn't work, Syndicate is done for!

(Gorge hits Dr. Unknown with a stick)

Dr. Unknown: Goodbye.

Gorge: Wha?

(Gorge runs away)

(Dr. Unknown destroys the Syndicate headquarters)

Dr. Unknown: Soon, I will destroy Syndicate and eventually Nicktropolis!

(cut to Gorge hiding inside the time machine)

Gorge: Dr. Unknown is planning something! I'd better go check!

(cut back to Dr. Unknown)

Dr. Unknown: I will kill all of you and destroy the city!

Gorge: (from a distance) Oh no, you aren't!

Dr. Unknown: What are you doing?

Gorge: Saving Nicktropolis. You don't want to mess with me. I'm a hero from North Carolina. I just got a laser gun for $3! Not a bad deal, right? Dr. Unknown, prepare to DIE!

Dr. Unknown: Is this gonna kill me?

Gorge: Kill YOU? No... it's gonna send you into the sun!

Dr. Unknown: Uh-oh.

(Gorge fires the laser gun at Dr. Unknown, which sends Dr. Unknown hurtling into outer space)

Gorge: Okay, so Dr. Unknown is gone and...

Collector: You just stopped... You just stopped...

Wario: He just saved Nicktropolis from the evil Dr. Unknown!

Erin: How could he do that in just a short period of time?

John: Turns out he knows these things.

Bagel: Good job.

Saint: Uhh... nice work, I guess.

Gorge: Saint please.

(Gorge gets back into the time machine)

Gorge: I hope this alters the course of the future for the better. But right now, I'm going back to the present!

(Nozus arrives)

Nozus: Sorry, I had to... (shocked) What did I miss?

(Web arrives)

Web: Me too.

John: Well, Gorge from the past just stopped Dr. Unknown from destroying Syndicate.

Gorge: Oh yeah. Nozus... do you know how to build HQs?

Nozus: (massive shock) Yes.

(Gorge enters the numbers "2", "0", "1", and "5", in that order)

Gorge: I hope you have a good future! Oh yeah. (tosses the laser gun to John) Give that to Erin. I hope she uses it to stop the dangers she will face. Oh, yeah. And Bagel? Stay cool, will you? (gets sent back to the past)

(2023 Sophie arrives)

2023 Sophie: What's going on?

Bagel: Gorge just came from the past and defeated Dr. Unknown.

2023 Sophie: Dr. Unknown? I never liked him.

(cut to the present day in Gorge's house)

Timmy: That was a weird ride!

Gorge: I know. There's one thing bothering me, though... Is Dr. Unknown ever gonna come back to destroy Nicktropolis?

Timmy: (shocked)

(the end)


  • This is the first crossover in Curiousgorge66's Adventures.
  • Most of the episode takes place in Nicktropolis.
  • If this episode was considered canon to the Fanonverse, this could've altered the timeline of Syndicate.

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