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Savers of The Earth is a TV Series that will primire on Nicktoons on August 6, right after the primire of Huntik: Sectrets & Seekers. The story follows five friends (Soon to be six) in the battle to save earth from the evil clutches of King Mums.



  • Invader Rob: Invader Rob is the leader of the Earth Savors and will stop at nothing to save the Earth!
  • Bagel: Rob's closest friend and part of the Savers. He is the second-in-command
  • MattBoo: A boo, who is very curious
  • Homestar: The fastest of the fast!
  • Pac-man 64: A pac who can eat, eat, EAT!!! he also fears his mom...
  • Kirby: Appears in episode 28 after Robic turns the Earth into his race.


  • The Y-Group: A group who also want to save Earth. The people in the group are Y-Guy Characters.
  • Yoshi: Kirbys right hand man who helps the group!
  • Pooka jr: A character who is pac-mans pet! he brings them usefull things!
  • Irkens: TBA


  • King Mums: The Leader of the army and the king.
  • Robic: Hirred by King Mums to destroy the earth.
  • CarrotCorp: A company owned by Professor Carrotstein and RACK.
  • Super Dr.Evil 2: Created after the 2nd death of Dr.Evil to destroy the Savors.

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