Sarude - Dandstorm is apparently and arguably, the most popular song on Earth. The song has been listened to over 70 billion times and is a parody of Darude - Sandstorm.


  • Sarude - Dandstorm is actually Darude - Sandstorm heavily distorted and played backwards, with some notes re-arranged. Due to this, this makes the song sound like "something from an alien world".
  • If you listen to the full song on and listen very closely, you can hear a heavily distorted, faint voice saying "help me" at around 2 minutes and 30 seconds into the song.
    • The most disturbing thing about this is if you run the mess of notes the word "help me" is in in a spectograph, an image of Billy and Nova will appear, with a shadowy man in the background with blocky features and white glowing eyes.

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