Worlds In Order

  • Temple (Tutorial Level)
  • Tommy's House
  • Retroville
  • Zeenu
  • Retroville
  • Bikini Bottom
  • Amity Park
  • Dimmsdale
  • Fairy World
  • Volcano Island
  • Toy Factory
  • Mighty B's World
  • Invader Zim World
  • New York Zoo
  • Legend Of Juju world
  • Amity Park
  • Ghost Zone
  • Tommy's House
  • Reptar Land


Defult Characters (Already Unlocked)

Tommy Pickles

Chuckie Finster

Phil Devile

Lil Devile

Unlockable Characters


Susie (Complete The Game)

Angelica (Defeat her in the Ghost Zone)

Spike (Complete The Game)


Spongebob (Complete Bikini Bottom)

Patrick (Save him in Toy Factory)

Squidward (Complete The Game)

Mr.Krabs (Complete The Game)

Sandy Cheeks (Complete Bikini Bottom)

Plankton (Defeat Him in the Ghost Zone)

Jimmy Neutron/Planet Sheen:

Jimmy (Complete Retroville)

Carl (Save him in Toy Factory)

Cindy (Save her in Toy Factory)

Sheen (Complete Zeenu)

Nezmeth (Complete Zeenu)

Asipha (Complete Zeenu)

Danny Phantom:

Danny (Complete Amity Park)

Sam (Save her in Toy Factory)

Tucker (Save him in Toy Factory)

Vlad (Complete The Game)

Fairy Odd Parents:

Timmy (Complete Dimmsdale)

Cosmo (Complete Fairy World)

Wanda (Complete Fairy World)

Poof (Complete the Game)

Mighty B!:

Bessy (Complete Mighty B's World)


Zim (Save Him in Toy Factory)

Dib (Save HIm In toy Factory)

Gir (Save  Him in Toy factory)

more to come......................

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