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Rotten Eggz is a stop-motion animated series that first aired on May 16, 2009. The show revolves around a group of eggs, who are in a stunt preforming group called "Rotten Eggz" despite this, they rarley do any stunts and just sit around all day. The show is rated TV-MA. DerpyPanda24 was given the rights to the show after season 1. It was canceled after 4 episodes but, Random Ideas Productions brought the show back in 2013 after a fan petition. On June 7, 2015, DerPyPanda24 announced that one more season would air and the planned movie was cancelled.

Rotten Eggz 
Genre: Comedy


Creator: IAmBagel (2009)

DerpyPanda24 (2013-2015) 

Writer: DerpyPanda24

Invader Rob





Director: SuperSaiyanKirby 
Developer: DerpyPanda24 
Starring: TBA 
Voices: TBA 
Theme composer: Les Claypool 
Opening theme: "Rotten and Rude" 
End theme: "Rotten and Rude Instrumental" 
Number of seasons:
Number of episodes: 23 
List of episodes: List of Rotten Eggz episodes 
Executive producer: DerpyPanda24 
Producer: Sr.Wario 
Asst. producer: Theweb0123 
Production Company: Random Ideas Productions 
Runtime: 23 minutes (excluding commercials) 
Original Channel: Random Channel 
First aired: May 16, 2009 
Last aired: October 5th 2015



Yolky Pun: The self-proclaimed leader of the squad, who is somewhat rude

Ricky: Yolky's brother, who is possibly the only egg in the squad who actually preforms stunts daily.

Lauren: The smartest of the squad, who is always busy researching up stuff.

Nina: The most agressive of the group, who is always carrying a gun with her where ever she goes.

John: The dumest of the group, and the most lazy of the group.

Metal-Ricky: Rick's robot who likes to torture Lauren with false facts.


Eggatron 600000: The main antagonist. He used to be a robot helper to the squad, but an error in his brain chip caused him to turn evil.

Satan: A recurring antagonist, who is...well...the devil.

Ghost Egg: A former member if the squad, who was killed by Metal Ricky, and is always trying to get revenge on him.

More TBA


TechDer: TBA

Cop. P Wright: Ock City's annoying sherrif.


The show was officially canclled October 7, 2009. The Random Channel workers were given many death threats. The Random Channel lost ratings during the fan petition. On September 12, 2011, IamBagel gave the rights of the show to DerpyPanda24. He announced in December of that year that a second season was in production. Random Channel ordered 12 episodes on July 3, 2012. A third season with 15 episodes was ordered February 2, 2013. Season 2 permeired September 26, 2013, in primetime. it was canceled again in 2015.

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